Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers Bloomday May 2019

Hello and welcome to GBBD where gardeners around the world post what is blooming in their gardens. I haven't posted for a while because I have been very busy trying to get the tea garden ready. The washroom is almost completed and the pergola and seating area are nearly done. 
The island is going through a very severe drought. We in the north have not had a good downpour since January.  It is hot and dry. Some other parts of the island have been getting frequent showers except those of us in the north. Sigh!!! However I still get excited whenever I see a dark cloud overhead only to be disappointed when it quickly moves out to sea. 
I have been invaded by monkeys this year. With the prolonged drought they are hungry and have taken over my mango trees. We have a very serious problem with the green monkey as their numbers have increased and are posing problems for farmers as well as homeowners. 
To see more blooming gardens Please visit Carol at Maydreams gardens


  1. Beautiful flowers! Some familiar and some new to me.
    Monkeys? And I think I have problems!

  2. I am little surprised that monkeys do create havoc in that part of your country too...Here in my part in India my garden is being mauled my monkeys nearly everyday.
    Lovely blooms we have some common blooms like Petunias and crown of thorns...Although mangoes on my mango tree are still unripe.Happy blooms day and have a great weak ahead.

  3. I missed your blog! Glad you're back!

  4. What an amazing and beautiful garden you have. Cheers :)

    My blog

  5. ooh ! *Bad Monkey* ! here in oregon, we only have squirrels & other rodents... my "favorite" is when they munch on the tomato plants, before they even bloom :( & what fruit manages to develop, I think "I'll harvest that in a couple of days"... the NEXT MORNING, the squirrel has eaten the ripe half of my tomatoes & left me with the green half :( :( I hope you get enough mangoes to enjoy a harvest <3


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