Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day September 2013

 Calistemon aka bottle brush in bloom

Old faithful Vanda orchid.
 Bird of paradise blooming for the first time.
 Red mussaenda brightening up under the frangipani.

 Brassavola orchids enjoying the rainy weather we've been having.
Delonix regia aka flamboyant, Royal poinciana, gul mohur still flowering.

Hello and welcome to Garden Bloggers' bloom day where gardeners around the globe show what is blooming in their gardens. It has been hot and humid with heavy showers. I am looking forward to when the nights become cooler and the trade winds begin to do their thing. Meanwhile I just have to brave the heat and look for a shady spot to sit and daydream.  To see what is blooming in other people's gardens please visit Carol at May dreams gardens
Have a great week gardening!