Sunday, July 6, 2014

At last

At last this hemerocallis aka daylily has finally bloomed after 8 years of me cussing threatening to throw it in the compost heap. I recently gave it some orchid fertilizer but don't know if that did the trick. I have many others without blooms so I will try the orchid food again.
The yellow was the only colour that bloomed regularly but hasn't for the past two years.
This one was quite a surprise for me. I only discovered the spathe while looking for snails and slugs one night.

 My portlandia grandiflora has finally bloomed after nearly four to five years. These are rare shrubs and are grown from seed. The blooms fill the night air with an intoxicating aroma.

 The delonix regia  aka flamboyant, royal poinciana  and gul mohur in her splendor brightens up the gardenThere are five of them in my garden.
 These zephyrantes lilies are out now after the recent rains.

The rainy season has hopefully started ,late but I am happy. There is much work to be done now. Weeding and cutting back, planting and reaping. So until next posting have a great Sunday!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Working wood

Round pond was drained a few weeks ago because of water quality problems and roots from the areca palms. I will have to remove the palms before they wreck the pond. The pond water was very good for my thirsty plants.
All these palms have to be removed.
A temporary wooden pond was built for the three huge cat fish and  I plan to use it after for an aquaculture project.

The pond painted in a cedar wash and liner installed.

Leaves and flowers from the tamarind tree were blowing into the pond so I had to install an overhead cover.
The three albino cat fish were transferred to their temporary home and are doing fine. The remaining fish were transferred to the the other lily ponds where most of them died within days. This might be due to the heat and a lack of oxygen. Moby Dick was one of the casualties.
 I have been busy doing some wood trellises for the garden. I built this obelisk to run some pepper vines on and I am quite pleased how it came out.

Some tools I can't do without. Did I tell you all that hardware stores excite me? I just love perusing these places.

 Hello folks the welcome to my rustic Bajan garden. The rustic Bajan gardener has been quite busy working with wood. The round pond developed a serious algae problem again and had to be drained and cleaned. It is now empty and exposed to the sun to kill the remaining algae. I have been trying to tell hubby to convert it into a spa but he would have none of that! So I will wait and see. I now have to remove all the areca palms aka golden palms from around the pond. Some of their roots have invaded the pond and will cause serious cracks over time. So my next project will be the removal of the palms. I may have to cut them all down  because they are too large to dig out.  Until next time have a great weekend!