Monday, September 27, 2010

Countryside jaunt.......Hunte's Gardens part 1

Anthuriums growing effortlessly amongst ferns.
 The tinkling sound of falling water led me to this beautiful fountain.
Flowering  ornamental bananas illuminating the green foliage.

  My other two partners in crime Dawn and Virginia giving me the royal wave.

We continued into  to the beautiful parish of St. Joseph,  where we stopped to visit Anthony Hunte's tropical paradise. For anyone touring the island this place is a must. For you all Bajans,  there is no excuse whatsoever not to visit. Anthony a local horticulturist, garden designer and a pioneer nurseryman, created this awesome garden on his property. Its gully location was perfect for this garden. He had spent many years preparing and designing this masterpiece. 

The garden consists of  a myriad of nooks and crannies at the upper level with a stairway leading to the gully at the bottom; all carefully designed to feel as natural as possible.

Whimsical figures, fairy houses and ornaments all carefully placed, lured me into a world of fantasy. I am sure that if you look closely in the undergrowth, you would see fairies and elves going about their daily chores. 

To be continued..........

Monday, September 20, 2010

A countryside jaunt

Last week with my two good friends Virginia and Dawn in tow, we decided to take a quick trip into the countryside to the eastern parishes of St. Andrew , St. Joseph and St. John.
We were on a mission looking for some thunbergia grandilflora  both white and blue. I had seen some growing in the wild in Chalky Mount  St. Andrew when I had hiked there a few weeks ago.
The views were spectacular.

An Anthurium farm and health spa nestled into the hillside in the distance.
We also came across this plant I believe it is a clerodendron growing in the wild.

This magnificent display  by the allamanda cherry jubilee, yellow allamanda and purple ruellia.
A cute holiday home  in St. John with a view to die for.

We stopped to check out this quisqualis or rangoon creeper that had run amok.

It is a beautiful vine  BUT I would have to contain it.
Or else I will be having  huge problems.
An older style house reflecting our Colonial past
Yes, may I ask why are you staring and pointing that thing at me? Go ahead then, point and shoot fool! Are you happy now? Then be on your way and do not tarry! Maaaaa.

To be continued............

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden bloggers bloom day Sept 2010

 A dendrobium orchid doing its thing,  I have placed it on this old tamarind tree to grow.

A Star is born! A  macro shot of  inside the flower below, alamanda cherry jubilee

This faithful vanda never fails to please.

Bauhinia Alba, the white orchid tree.

This clerondendron  was recently planted here and it has taken like a duck to water and there is Rusty always in the picture.

White mussaenda just profuse with blooms!

Thought I would include this early morning shot  with the early  sun's rays filtering through the trees.

Hello  friends, and welcome to Garden bloggers bloom day  where gardeners from all around the world show what is blooming in their gardens today. After very heavy showers last week, some areas of the garden was under water for 36 hours. Luckily the palms and plants don't seem to be too bothered by the deluge. There is a wonderful  feeling of  rebirth after the rains with many shrubs in bloom adding  a splash of colour  to the palette. To see more gardens in bloom please take a short skip over to Carol at may dreams gardens
Have a wonderful day !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

when the rains came

After a night of rain this was the scene I discovered next morning. Even li'l Bear was wondering what had happened to his stomping ground

The next morning all that was left were muddy traces on the grass where the water once covered.