Sunday, December 24, 2017

Rustic Garden Bloom Day December 2017

Wishing all garden bloggers and followers a Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza and Happy Holidays
Jamaican poinsettia
Santa  speaks creole

Christmas candles

I have a problem,  someone is pulling the table cloths off the tables at night. I now have to resort to putting ballast on the tables and folding up the corners to prevent the culprits from pulling at it. I think it is the three musketeers in the middle.
 Snow on the mountain eurphorbia leucocephala
Portlandia grandiflora
Red sorrel aka roselle  hisicus sabdariffa our traditional Christmas drink in the Caribbean
White sorrel tastes exactly like the red but not popular with the traditionalists.

Red Chinaman's hat


Ficus berries are falling by the thousands and have filled many wheel barow loads. I decided to let them fall because raking them up makes no difference. They will soon turn brown and blend in.

This Christmas will be nostalgic and a bit sad for me, it will be my first Christmas without my mom Miss Rose who sadly passed away earlier this year at the end of February at the age of 83.  This will be the second Christmas without my mother in law Barbara who passed away last November at the age of 87 and my two good friends Carol and Stella.  Life is fleeting and take time to enjoy it with the ones close to you because it is a path we all have to travel one day. Remember to treat everyone with dignity and respect.  Take time for yourself to find that inner peace we all desire. Take time to nurture a child, an older person, a plant, an animal it is rewarding. Do not  allow material things define who you are and who your friends should be.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2018!