Thursday, August 30, 2018

Timber down

 I had taken a break from blogging and I am now back. Lots of things have taken place at the homestead.  One Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I was walking around the garden, it was around 06.30 am. I looked up at an old bearded fig tree (ficus citrifolia) that had died and noticed it was leaning more than it was the day before. I wandered over to the longan tree a few yards away to inspect the young fruit.  I glanced over at the tree and said to myself that the high winds expected later that day will surely bring the tree down. I  continued my stroll and decided to  to pick some snake gourd towards the back of the garden away from the tree.  

Suddenly I heard a horrific crash and I thought the flamboyant tree may have fallen onto my plants. I rushed to where I thought the noise came from, but the Flamboyant was still standing. I then looked towards where the dead tree stood and realized that it had finally fallen. What a colossal mess!

I hired some men to come and cut up the tree and take some of it away. The larger pieces they left behind.
 A week later I hired a Bobcat with a driver to clear up the area.
 I couldn't use the wood since it was a soft wood and will deteriorate very quickly.  Hopefully I will be able to use the compost later on.
 I have now planted some heliconias and a few fruit trees. The rainy season is not quite rainy but am happy whenever we get a shower or two.  Have a great weekend gardening!