Monday, January 15, 2018

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day January 2018

Hello and welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens.  We have had a very wet January with lots of heavy showers during the days and nights. This is supposed to be the start of the dry season.
My Malay apple aka pommerac tree bore earlier this month and was able to rescue these from the birds, fruit bats and monkeys
Albert Greenberg waterlily

Pride of Dominica (sabinea carinalis) in bloom

 My lavender is struggling to survive. I have had no luck getting this plant to maturity. I am hoping that these are successful.
 Sunflower seedlings came up in three days after sowing.  Meyer lemon seedlings on the right grown from seed seem to be taking their time.
 Rats are attacking my coconuts and I have to very careful when walking under a tree.

This beautiful noranthea guianensis aka red hot poker vine is way up in the plumeria trees aka frangipani
Kalanchoes now coming into full bloom

 We have had rain almost every day or night this month, so much so my ground pond is full and I am not complaining!
 I have changed up the front garden a bit, I removed the large heliconias that made the surroundings look so untidy and replaced them with elephant ears.
 Yellow tecoma and red poinsettia
 This papaya tree a volunteer produces several shaped fruits. They are extremely sweet and doesn't have that strong papaya smell.

red chinaman's hat over the pergola
My lone hydrangea, I just love the flowers and would love to grow a bed of them. I bought this along with three others last year from one of the local nurseries. It was an imported plant and this one survived.
Christmas and the New Year isn't the same without the Snow on the mountain (euphorbia leucocephala).

We have been enjoying cooler night temperatures this time of year due to the cold North American winter. Many locals are complaining about the cold nights and mornings.  Temperatures are around 25C most nights and earlier this month it dropped to16C even I felt cold. To see more blooming gardens please visit Carol at may dreams  gardens.  Have a great week gardening whether it be indoors or outdoors. Wishing all a happy and healthy 2018!