Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the aftermath

Today is day nine after the great flood and the cleaning up is underway. I will know in a few weeks time which trees and plants will have survived this. The palms can usually take flooding in their stride however the water normally lasts two days. This time it lasted five days. I don't know if they will make it.
These golden palms were under water  in the photo below.
Bearsie dog checking out the silt covered grass, notice he is always there whenever I am taking photos.
Two days before the flood, I brought my car down to help pull this Jamaican rain tree (brya ebenus)upright. It had fallen during Tomas. It was staked up and we were quite proud of our handiwork. Looks like we will have to do it all over again.
The shade house is all cleaned up and looks like a place to have a cuppa or two.
 Before the flood the shade house looked like a jungle.

Hello friends, the cleanup is underway. The water has finally drained leaving a musty like smell in the air(more like sour).  Hopefully this will go soon when things become drier.  The sun is out hotter than ever so the ground should be dried out by weekend if it doesn't rain again. The air is very heavy with moisture, and this can bee seen in the early morning on the grass and plants. Take care folks and I will post soon. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh what a night!

Many of my plants are under water
My dog Bear exploring the water's edge.
I have never seen anything like this, look at the water on the floor.
water has flooded my shade house

Many shorter palms are now under water, I am worried for my island if this continues.

Last night it rained heavily the WHOLE night into the morning and it is still raining.  I spent the night mopping and shovelling up water off my laundry room and downstairs  bathroom floors. One of the gutters in the laundry room  was blocked and had overflowed. At one stage was so overwhelmed that I almost gave up. Luckily whatever was blocking the gutter shifted and the inside deluge stopped. I then had to scoop up water  off the floor and mop. There was nearly an inch of water in some areas. I have NEVER had this happen in the fifteen years living here.

This morning was another new experience as well. My garden which usually floods in heavy rains,  had flooded up to my shade house. I had never seen this happen before. And this is supposed to be our dry season. My husband ventured out to take my daughter to her ride to go to work. On the way he told me there were cars washed into drains at the side of the road.  He tried going to a gas station in Speightstown and that was also flooded. He had to make several detours to get back home. I am now going to try to get some badly needed sleep.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Blooming Friday ....Eye Candy

Welcome to Blooming Friday and the theme today is eye candy. I have in this pot some of thornless crown of thorns and some petunias. They make great eye candy for all who pass by.

 The pot of bougainvillae sets the tone here.

The petunias in my patio are now coming into bloom and they give the area a delightful  feast for the eyes. To see more eye candy from around the world, please go over to Roses and stuff to have your fill.  Have a sweet filled weekend.

Monday, April 4, 2011

One man's trash

One woman's junk is another woman's treasure. I discovered these pieces of junk that have become  treasures for me and my plants. These stands were destined for the junk yard. I first got a call from someone who was on the look out for me for metal racks that can be used for plants

One day a friend who works for a wine importer,  came to visit and she recognized two racks that she had sent to the junk yard.  I told her that I bought them off someone who had salvaged them. She told me that she has some more to dump and she will let me have them if I can use them. Well I went to have a look and came home with three  racks. Thank you Rym! Merci beaucoup!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up

Golden chalice (solandra grandiflora) sharing a spot with the yellow mandevilla now called  vine allamanda.
A plumeria seed pod waiting for wind dispersal
Shaving brush (bombax ellipictum) tree flower bud
Shaving brush tree flower

Hello friends, I decided to take a little break and I am back. I fell ill with a very bad sore throat and then a second bout of gastro.  I was puking from both ends.  I felt really bad because my daughter was at work and my hubby was in Miami. I had looked like something the cat had dug up.   I also had some computer problems, my old faithful finally died on me and I had to resurrect my daughter's. I had used it for a week then it died on me. I diagnosed that it was the fan that had stopped working and had to put in a new one. It then worked for a while then it died on me AGAIN. I figured it was the power supply so I took the old one from my dead computer and installed it. Now my  computer is working fine zipping along nicely. (And I did all of this by myself).  
Lotus leaf begonia (begonia nelumbifolia) in bloom

The dry season is now here and it has not been too bad. We have been getting some rain  so the garden is still looking good. Take care and I will post again soon. Have a great weekend!