Monday, November 17, 2014

The wedding venue

 The tent where we dined was provided by the planner Lee-Anne from Sanojah's Weddings in a box.
 The serene grounds of Pollard's Mill.
 Guests were seated under the trees to view the ceremony.

 The 18th century sugar mill once used to grind  sugar cane  was the focal point of the ceremony.

 The planner Lee-Anne  was spot on with the decor. 
 Burlap and lace table runners with wooden lantern centerpieces.
 The cakes were placed on wooden slabs that I was asked to procure.
 I had also been asked to decorate the base of the cake slabs. I used begonia leaves and white begonias.

Last Saturday November 15th my baby girl got married.  The venue was at Pollards Mill St. Philip an eighteenth century sugar plantation . The serene setting was perfect and the weather behaved.  The wedding was planned and executed by Lee-Anne and Ralph her husband owners of Sanojah's Weddings in a box. I can recommend them for their excellent work.

 To be continued..........

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day November 2014

 I have become Dame Mesticated.  I have brought the garden indoors with these cushions. I have resurrected my sewing machines after a sejour of over 14 years.

 These begonias are enjoying the rainy weather. They are thriving here at the front entrance.

This morning the pond clarity was unbelievable.

 Faithful pink mussenda always in bloom.
 Chalice vine

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloomday where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens.  The Chikki virus finally caught me and is still with me. It started out  three weeks before with a painful left ankle. I couldn't remember twisting my ankle but it felt as if I had. Then for two nights I had a high fever and both my feet were painful to walk on. I spent two days in bed. The third day I felt better my feet stopped aching and the mysterious pain in the ankle was no more. I felt great and thought well that wasn't too bad. I still felt a bit tired after doing things like cutting the grass. Then a week later a rash appeared on all body and it was itchy. I got some antihistamine to take care of that. The rash lasted for two days and then the feet got swollen. So I had to rest  but with daughter's wedding coming up I had to have some things done. Then my right hand started hurting so badly it
woke me up at night. Some nights I didn't know where to lay it on the bed. I got some extra strength painkillers for that. Today my daughter is getting married and I will be hobbling along and hoping that the pain will stay away. So far the hand is feeling ok at the moment. Apart from that I will live.

To see more blooming gardens please take a stroll over to Carol's at May dreams gardens. Have a great weekend my friends.