Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what's in season

Malay apple, pommerac, wax apple, french cashew
Pa louis mango no threads the sweetest mango in my garden and the smell is so distinctive
Irwin mango very few threads, and a joy to eat. It is large, very fleshy and has a small flat seed
Julie mango another very sweet mango with soft flesh, I just slice it and scoop it out with a spoon
golden apple, otaheite apple, java plum, pommecythere
star fruit, carambola, five fingers
west indian lime

I will soon be harvesting many varieties of fruit from my garden. Some of them I will make juices, pickles, chutneys, jams and preserves. I have three lime trees that are all heavily laden. I dumped many last year so this year I will to try to sell some to the super market. Will let you know the outcome.


  1. I love pommerac! the darker the better! Let's see, what do we have in common? my limes are laden too, and the julie mangoes are plentiful, my neighbors have the 'five fingers' do you know the carimbola by that name? I get from them often, I hate to see limes go to waste, I give them to neighbors too, I even freeze them, they freeze ok.

    Your pommecythere look awesome!

  2. I love me a Julie Mango. Too bad for me, my tree is about 4 feet tall and no where ready to bear any fruit..sob!!!

  3. What a bountiful harvest it's going to be!! I haven't seen Erwin mangoes...the colour is spectacular! As for the rest, oh wow!! Mouth-watering sights in your beautiful garden!

  4. Hello Raquel yes we also call the carambola five fingers here as well. I think we got that from the Guyanese. Those are the dwarf pommecythere I have a large tree that hardly bears. The limes I pickle them, make marmalade and now am using the juice to mix in my mopping water for the floors. It works beautifully on my porcelain tiles.

    Vix you need to give that Julie mango a stern warning...LOL it should be bearing at 4ft tall remember it is a dwarf...wonder how tall a dwarf suppose to be.....short?

    Yes Kanak I am looking forward in happy anticipation and dismay. I will be worked to death collecting, cleaning and preparing the fruits for preserves. I give many away but the pile doesn't seem to go down LOL

  5. Oh Helen,
    Such wonderful trees with fruit abounding in your Barbados garden! So pretty it is hanging so plentiful from the vine. I would turn into 'one big mango' if I had my own ripe ones waiting for me to devour. You have got your work cut out for you but I do hope you can sell some to the market.
    Happy day and hugs to you.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  6. Yes Meems I do have my work cut out for me come by next month and you can get as many mangoes you can eat LOL. I still have some frozen from last year...been making smoothies and sorbet with it.

  7. How interesting to see what fruits are growing there now! You are lucky to be able to pick them fresh from your own yard!

  8. So, do you notice I am here almost daily? lol!! I am starting a flower bed and I want the prettiest flowers I can put my hands on!

    So I come over to use your blog as an encyclopedia of sorts, I must tell you it is really helpful, I also visit some of the folks on your blogroll as well.

    So, if you want to see the space I want to 'plant up' with flowers let me know, I would really love your input!

  9. Wow! its been a while since Im here. sure you will have lots of fruits to feast and make into pickles.wish I can have some of those julie mango-smiles-

  10. That is fantastic! I would just love you to contribute to my online fruit and veggie show! Could you contribute some wonderful tropical fruit?

  11. OK Matron am in I will go to your blog for more info.

  12. Enchanting garden of plenty! Wow! mangoes and star fruit at your fingertips! Lovely and yummy!

  13. You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

  14. Anonymous....this is all home grown.


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