Sunday, August 30, 2009

olde Barbadoes

In the early 1800's and 1900's, many of Bridgetown's white merchant class lived near to their businesses just on the outskirts of the capital Bridgetown, in an area called Strathclyde. Today it is slowly becoming semi commercialized. Many beautiful old buildings have been demolished while many more are in need of dire restoration. A few have been restored lovingly by their owners. It is said that the only people of colour were allowed in were the maids, gardeners and cooks and they dare not be seen around there after hours. It is still an area where old families of the merchant class still live. It is slowly becoming desegregated, some locals of African and Indian descent have bought many buildings and have converted them into professional offices. Barbados today is still a segregated society to some extent. Many of these barriers are slowly coming down and I do hope that all sides realize that we are more alike than we realize and there is no need to reverse or revert to the racism that existed in their parents' and grandparents' era.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bloomin' Friday around Barbados

traffic stoppers Barbados black belly sheep

The delonix regia is still in bloom around the island. This morning I was on my way to Bridgetown our capital, I took several photos of this beautiful tree in bloom. There was a traffic stoppage on the west coast and had to wait a while. When I got to the see what was causing the problem I chuckled. There was this flock of our local black belly sheep grazing and trotting along the roadside. For more blooming Friday please take a stroll over to Katerina at roses and stuff .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The garden ramble

around the preserves table

Great news to report! My garden ramble and plant sale was a success! The weather was a bit of a worry on Saturday morning however it held up after a very brief shower. It was raining cats and dogs on the south coast and I had many people calling to ask how the weather was in the north where I am located. I told them the good news that it was a perfect day clouds and a strong breeze but no rain. And they came! I was on the go from 9.00am until 3.00pm when there was a lull. I had an old friend who came by and I invited her to come and have a meal with me. Luckily I had cooked the day before so it was easy going. We had a late lunch and soon after we were finished more visitors arrived. Many were British visitors, expats, to the island and some locals in the mix. My preserves were a hit ! I was asked how often I did this kind of thing. I said that I will do another around November so take note folks! On Sunday it was sunny and not as busy as Saturday. I sold more preserves on Sunday than plants, but I didn't mind at all. The photographers were out in full force on Sunday busy snapping away at the water lilies. Whew what a weekend! I would like to say a special thank you, to all of you who came and my blogging friends who wished me well.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloomin' Friday

Chalice vine

I am busy getting the garden ready for my garden ramble and plant sale the next two days. I am hoping that it will not rain but am not in control of that, however the show must go on. For more blooming Friday please take a a short trip over to Katerina at roses and stuff. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My babies have flown the coop

On Saturday morning on august 15th I went to visit my babies. They were still in the nest looking quite grown since the last photo shoot 4 days earlier. I decided to take some pictures on Saturday evening around 5 o'clock. To my dismay they were gone! At the tender age of 18 days they had flown the coop. I looked around on the ground to make sure that they had not fallen out of the nest and found nothing. The next morning I went again to see if they had returned , the nest was empty. Then suddenly overhead I heard a familiar fluttering of wings and looked up. There was this young humming bird hovering looking down at me. I ran to get my camera but was too late. The next day yesterday, I went to the nest with camera in hand and waited. I heard the fluttering of wings again and looked up. The young hummer was back looking at me. I tried to get my camera ready but was already too late. Sigh...I am feeling disappointed that I wasn't able to capture the first flight of the babies. This morning I went by the nest and couldn't find it. I looked around on the ground and found it. I took it up and now it is on my computer desk . I feel like an empty nester since my babies had flown the coop.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Garden Ramble and Plant sale Aug 22-23


Benthams House Benthams Village St. Lucy

from 9.00am to 6.00pm

From the highway

Get to the St. Lucy's Church roundabout take the very first left turn next to the rectory. Continue along the road to the St. Lucy post office, pass the post office and we are on the left before you get to the Texaco gas station. House sign on the road.

From Speightstown

Continue past Port St. Charles through sixmens fishing village. There is a Y in the road keep right as if going to the St. Lucy's Church. Do not turn left this will take you past the Fishpot. Continue on road until you get to the Texaco Gas station we are on the right around the corner before you get to the St. Lucy Post office.

On sale lots of Plants, Water lilies, Preserves, garden stuff

Miss this and blame yourself !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irwin sweet Irwin

mango sorbet garnished with locally stewed gooseberries

This post is for the lovers of mango. In my last post there is a photo of the Irwin mango when it was not fully ripened. Many persons were in awe of its colour and some were curious about what it looked like when cut. This threadless cultivar originated in Miami Florida since 1945. It is grown by grafting and the seed will not grow true to the fruit. The skin is quite thin and when ripe can be easily bruised. It is a delicious mango and can be eaten when green, half ripe and ripe depending on the use. It is a melt in your mouth variety and makes a delicious sorbet. For the sorbet I washed and cubed several mangoes. I placed the cubes in the blender with the juice of three limes and some simple syrup (not too much). Blend until all pieces of fruit have disappeared, pour into a plastic freezing container and freeze overnight. For a variation you can add a banana or two. Delicioso!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Babies are 2 weeks old

the beautiful Irwin mango

today at two weeks old

the nest is so well hidden above the mango

at one week old look at them saying "feed me feed me"

The humming bird babies are now two weeks old and they are growing very quickly. Their bills are now taking shape and tiny feathers are replacing the downy covering they were born with. It seems that they are hungry all the time LOL.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bloomin' Friday nursery visit

I went by another nursery I haven't visited for a some time (approximately 2 years). The reason ......well I didn't need to add more plants to my garden nahhh, well because this nursery is the most expensive on the island. They cater to the rich and famous (and the stupid). It is owned by a transplant from the state of Mississippi who has lived on the island for many years. The owner is not a bad guy really, if I see something I want and I don't like the price his staff gives me, I will call him and he will tell them how much I am going to pay. And this is all the time! I saw something I may go back for, a dwarf purple crinum. They want the equivalent of $17.50 USD I pointedly told them that the price is too high. So I was told that they will take $12.50 USD for it. I still think it is too much. I will sleep on it for now. The nursery itself imports many of the plants from Florida. It is well laid out and very tidy. I was asked by the owner to come and run it for him and I quickly declined. I have had enough of managing people and going to work for other people. Hey I am a free spirit and hate to be cadged in. For more blooming Friday, take a stroll over to Katerina at roses and stuff.