Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dream garden

 Cordyline pink flame very drought tolerant once established illuminated this area of the garden
 Yellow shrimp plant en mass was a delight to see.
 Alternathera  aka tea plants made a stunning border along this path.
 Succulents, cacti, portulaca, adeniums, kalanchoes made up this rockery.
Pink hibiscus, acalypha, clerondendron quadrilocure, crotons, cat whiskers and galphima glauca (thryallis)
 Kalanchoes surrounds sanserviera and adeniums
dendrobium aggregatum orchid growing on a palm tree, thanks to Sheri for correctly identifying it for me.
 Plumeria tree hosting this cattleya skinneri orchid my thanks again to Sheri
 Bougainvillea gone wild

Philodendron moonlight

Earlier this month the rustic Bajan gardener visited  one of her favorite gardens in the open garden program organized by the local horticultural society. The garden located in Gibbes St. Peter, is owned by a long time resident  by the name of Ole Dam Mikkelsen who hails from Denmark. If you haven't seen the previous posts on his garden a few years ago please click on the above link. Ole's garden is and if not is the most beautiful garden on the island. This five plus acre garden boasts of rare and exclusive exotic plants from around the world and a huge collection of orchids This garden is every gardener's dream and  will never disappoint you. Have a great weekend friends and enjoy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

 Pommerac (malay apple) in bloom aka French Cashew and plumrose in some of the islands

 Pride of Dominica (sabinea carinalis)bloomed for the first time

 Cattleya  orchid
 Kalanchoes still blooming

Hello and welcome to Garden blogger bloom day where gardeners from around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. We are into the dry season and haven't had rain for two months. The ground is cracking and I am hoping for a few rain showers to come soon.  
Work on the homestead is progressing , the ceilings are being installed and should be finished in a another day or two. To see more of what is blooming around the globe please go over to Carol at May dreams gardens whose idea it was to  start GBBD. Have a great weekend my friends!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roof is on

Ceiling being torn down with decades of dust falling

The house is constructed of coral and limestone field stones (aka rubble stone) and was built before 1840
I guessed that the roof was around 65+ years old.
Hand forged nails that held the ceiling and rafters together.

Reinforced concrete ring beam installed with rafters, a continuous steel rod threads each rafter that is encased in the concrete to further strengthen the roof in the event of  a hurricane. These walls are 21 inches thick.

Stones that made up the ring beam, it seems like sacrilege to throw them out and replace them with concrete. I will keep them for garden projects.

 Hello friends phase one is over and I am now into phase two where ceilings are being installed by the carpenters. I have been sanding and painting primer on sheets of grooved ply (T111) before they are installed. The real painting will take place later. After that phase three will start where the walls will be peeled  and re plastered inside and outside. Then phase four will be the installation of windows and the sanding of the floors. The final phase will be the closets Whew,  I am still sleeping with the dogs and will be checking for fleas.