Sunday, April 12, 2009

The weeding (wedding) party---Happy Easter

They left in a flurry for the reception

these two adorable flowers

The air was filled with the perfume of the frangipani

Bride and best friends admiring the ring

Bridal party

Bride and Groom

new orchid bed

A few weeks ago I was approached by a young lady asking if it were possible to use my garden for her wedding photos. I told her yes and to call me a week or two before to remind me. Well she called me every week to remind me. Good thing too because I was able to plan the big cleaning jobs way ahead of time. The big day arrived yesterday, and I have never worked so hard in my life. I had planned on having two helpers but only one was able to make it so my workload was doubled. I worked from 0630 am until the wedding party arrived. They arrived in a caravan of cars, when I had just finished mowing an area around the pond. I quickly ran into the house to take a quick shower and then made my way to take a few discreet photos. The photo shoot was done and they left as they came, in a flurry to the reception. I later shuffled to the supermarket and stocked up on some motrin painkillers and a few essentials. I stopped and bought some Chinese take away and made my way home. I ate, took two motrin and a muscle relaxer, I was in bed by 8.00pm. Today I took it easy, it rained all morning and am loving it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

an uninvited visitor

It was evening, I was just stepping into the patio after watering some plants when the dogs made a mad dash into the kitchen. I heard something fall and break and a noise coming from somewhere in the laundry room. I quickly went to see what the commotion was all about. I opened the laundry room door and lo and behold there was this young monkey perched on my clothes line trying to find a way out! I shouted to my hubby that there was a monkey in the house! I ran for my camera and pointed at it to take a shot! The monkey looked very scared and with me pointing this thing at it, I wasn't sure what it might do. It started to look at me intently so I backed off after taking one shot. Now there is a back door to this room and it was locked. I decided to still go and check to see if I had left it unlocked by mistake but I lucked out. I didn't know where the key was so I went on a crazy search. The first bunch of keys I found, none of them fitted. I then had a hunch that the key was in a drawer in the kitchen since the lock was changed about a year ago. I found a number of keys on a bunch and one all alone. I tried the single key and presto it unlocked the door! Now I was scared to open the door since I was dealing with a wild animal. I called my hubby to come and open the door for me but the dogs followed him to the back door. So that plan didn't work so it was up to me to open the door after my husband had taken the dogs away. I quickly opened the door and ran around the corner and peeped out. Then the wind started up and it began to close the door, so I had to run back and open it and lodged a piece of wood as a door stop. I did that with lightning speed ! I ran like the devil was after me and peeped (not peed) from behind a wall to see what the monkey was doing. I got braver and started calling it out. The monkey looked at me and moved a bit closer to the door. Then I saw something coming from the rear of him in two drops, I said oh shit...... he is crapping in my laundry room ... I knew that he and I were both scared, and we loosely use the term "scared the crap out of me" after being startled. This was the first time I have ever seen it in action. I really scared the crap out of him .....LOL ! It then jumped down and crawled out the door, looked to see if the coast was clear and slowly walked away. There have been cases where monkeys have attacked and killed dogs when cornered so we were very careful not to alert the dogs when it left the room. I suspect that it came into the house whilst both my husband and I were out in the garden with the dogs. We always leave the doors open so the monkey probably looking for food wandered into the kitchen. I remembered seeing a monkey that same size a day before in my driveway and thought that it was just passing through. In the 13 years we have been living here never had any monkeys come this close to the house. I see them in the garden from time to time but this is the first visit we have had from one and hopefully the last. I now have to go and clean up the crap, not much but I'd rather prefer not to perform this task. Whew what an evening!!! It was a lot of monkey business!! If I sound incoherent please excuse me!