Thursday, August 21, 2008

How I spent a sunday afternoon

I am getting ready to go

 Lauren zipping away

 My beautiful daughter Lauren invited me to join her and some friends to an afternoon activity. It turned out to be an aerial trek in a beautiful wooded part of Barbados. This consisted of harnessing up and travelling along cables to 12 platforms strategically placed along the gully and amongst the tree tops. I was the last to get harnessed up and chickened out. I decided to walk to the second platform hoping to pick up my shattered nerves. Well I met the others there and decided to take the plunge. I was told that the other platforms were in tree tops and there would be no place to get off and walk. Well I decided to proceed and found that it was quite exhilarating but a bit scary. I managed to finish and take photos and videos of my quality time with my daughter and friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

fruit I grow

The mango song

Every little child sings this song in Grenada, Trinidad and those islands that were once settled by the french

Mangoes....... mangoes....... mangoes
Mango Rose
mango sweet
mango Rose
mango sweet
I want a penny to buy mango Rose mango sweet
mango doux doux souce matin
savez vous all for me

I grow carambola, pommerac, three varieties of louis, erwin and julie, barbados cherry, guava......large pink and common pink, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangelo, coconuts, passion fruit, golden apple, damson (gooseberries in barbados, cherise in tnt) jamaica ackee and I can't forget a big old tamarind tree that does mess up the yard. I make lime pickles, jams and jellies, salsas, pickles. I had a large mango crop this year and have been freezing the pulp for later. Made some mango sorbet and ice cream and they are delicious...especially with some fruit preserves on top. Made a mango cheesecake too. Have several boxes of pickles, salsas and preserves made to sell. I am thinking of doing a craft and produce market at home inviting others to come and showcase their products and sell. Will probably do it at the end of this month.

water lilies

about me

Hello, bonjour,

Welcome to my rustic bajan garden. I'm Helen and I live in the north of Barbados in an old stone house that dates back to the 1800's or more. I live with my husband Chuck and my daughter Lauren who is back home after studying in the USA along with my six dogs dogs (my boys and girls)  We bought the property some 20 years ago and I have been frantically gardening ever since. I was born on the island of Grenada and lived and went to primary school in Port of Spain Trinidad and have spent my adult years in Barbados. The Bajans (Barbadians) call me a Trinibarlucian. I enjoy gardening and cooking for friends....ecoutez bien...pour mes amis. Hubby says that the only time he gets a good cooked meal is when friends come over....( you know he lie bout dat) he gets food every now and then when I feel in the mood to cook. I work from home as a part time garden consultant, water garden specialist and we grow water lilies and ornamentals. My garden consist of 2+ acres or so with many fruit and ornamental trees. There are four ponds filled with water lilies of all colours. Prior to working from home I worked is several areas in retail management and in my earlier years in Tourism. I am a clothing pattern maker/designer having done some training in Paris . I am no longer active in that area and I use my garden as my palette. My hubby is a retired teacher from Miami Florida and a fantastic lepidopterist. We are nature lovers and our garden is planted  to attract birds and butterflies.