Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bloomsday Saturday

white begonias

mixed pink and white begonias

star burst clerondendrum


purple ground orchid

red gingers

red hibiscus

pink and red hibiscus

red, white and peach hibiscus, sometimes this plant will bloom two distinct colours on one plant, red and the mixed one shown

pink ginger

Heliconia rostrata

My garden is very colourful this month and will continue to be for few next months. We have had a very wet month, very unusual for January since it is supposed to be the start of the dry season. My mother in law left last week after a wonderful visit. It is very quiet and lonely without her. I can truly say that I have one of the best if not the best mother in law in the world. She was just happy to putter around the garden helping and spoiling her son with his favorite foods. I am already looking forward to her next visit next year. Love you Barbs!

Monday, January 19, 2009

how it all began

We moved in July 1996 and soon got to work!

the many changes my front yard has gone through....... and I am still working on it

Oh dear where do I start?
Well I started et voila!
I asked myself when I saw this how the heck am I going to tame this?
To this
from this
to this
from this
to this
I tried growing water melons for the market but decided it was too much for me and decided to go from this.
to this
This was an old cistern that was abandoned and used as a dumpster by the former owners.
Hubby got into it and filled many many bags of household and garden refuse that was thrown into this cistern. We then had to rent a dumpster to dispose of that refuse . This cistern was about 6 feet deep, we filled it with crushed limestone to about 3 ft then compacted it and filled with 18 inches of concrete. The pond is 2 1/2 ft deep now. Rodney the mason rebuilt the pond and tiled it with cut terracotta tiles.

Hubby and the booba dog enjoying their new pond

My scanner has stopped working so I couldn't include all the older pictures. Back then (12 yrs ago) I didn't have a digital. These were very exciting times for me. I just gardened by instinct and allowed the land to dictate how I would landscape it. It is going with the flow, keeping harmony, colour and balance in tune with each other.

PS my scanner is now working again so am back in business!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bloomsday Friday

African tulip tree is also known as flame of the forest

Gosh my roses were pruned around late november and now they are blooming profusely! I dare not take a picture at ground level! The weeds are growing like wild fire and it has been too wet last week to clean the bed. I should buy some filter fabric for this bed to control the weeds. I think I will try it. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bonne Annee Happy New Year to all

Wishing all bloggers and families
a peaceful and healthy 2009
Don't worry about the wealth it will come in many ways that we didn't expect
A wealth of new friends
A wealth of blooms
A wealth of compassion
forget the gloom
Life is too short to be angry
learn to live, laugh and forgive
Share love, hugs and warm wishes
with many who have not experienced such in a lifetime
We can make a difference