Monday, October 31, 2011

Pond project

 I was asked to build this elegant pond for clients who wanted a home for their Victoria water lilies
 The site was breathtaking and HOT
 Work was interrupted several times by heavy showers
 The pond was finally completed and the Victoria water lilies were installed by the owner

I was busy a few weeks ago managing  this pond project on the south coast of the island. The owners wanted a home for their two Victoria water lilies. The pond was built on a concrete base that measured 9 ft x 9ft and the pond measured 8ft x8ft x 2ft deep. This is quite an easy project for a beginner and this is a great pond for small gardens. The materials used were 2x8 for the sides and 4x4 pressure treated pine lumber for the supports.  Foam was used to cushion the liner on the bottom  and roofing felt on the insides. So stop moaning about wanting a pond for your garden, just make it happen!

Friday, October 7, 2011

David's Garden

 Anthuriums in bloom

Plumbago, cordylines bougainvillae  hibiscus and acalypha inferno all add colour to this path
 Leopard lilies thrive in this garden

The pool deck is surrounded by many flowering shrubs and grasses
 One can spend the whole day just relaxing in this pool
 and gazing and gazing and gazing

My friend David has one of the most beautiful gardens on the island with  a view  and a pool to die for. His partner Norman is also an avid plant lover and gardener as well. I raise my glass to you David and Norman  and to the next time we meet.  
Have a wonderful weekend my friends!