Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2018

Freshly picked swiss chard and lettuce
Santa Barbara daisy
Pride of Dominica seems to bloom whenever I give it a good soak.
Lagerstromeia speciosa aka crepe myrtle, queen of flowers. The tree was severely pruned a few months ago and I was surprised that it bloomed so quickly.

White mussenda
Syzygium malaccense aka malay apple, pommerac, plumrose, water apple in bloom

Cassia javanica
Heliconia rostrata aka lobster claw
Heliconia bihai
Barbados Amaryllis
Red amaryllis
White mandevilla
Adenium aka desert rose
Zepyhrantes aka rain lilies
variegated Alocasia
Tree orchids
Callistemon aka bottlebrush
Hello and welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. The garden is in bloom and spring has sprung.   It has also been hot and dry and am hoping that we get some rain soon.  There had been some light showers but not enough to make an impression.  
To see more blooming gardens please go over to Carol at may dreams gardens. Have a great week gardening!