Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flora and fauna day

The dogs were barking frantically and staring up the mango tree. I went to investigate and spotted this visitor at the top of the tree. I had seen him before on several occasions in that same location. He  would arrive every morning for breakfast. He would eat two mangoes in the tree and take the third one away.
I have tried having a conversation with him but he would only stare at me and continue eating.
 I haven't seen him since the mangoes have all gone and I will surely see him again when the fruit is in season.
 This crinum lily flower was so heavy that it fell to the ground out in the field so I decided to rescue it and put it in a vase. The smell was heavenly it didn't last very long once all the flowers opened.
 Another new flower was ready to open.
It opened the very next day and it is still standing.
These miniature red leaf crinums at night

In the daylight
Night blooming cereus or epiphyllum oxypetalum. They open around 8.00 pm and close early in the morning around 4.00 am The night air around the patio was filled with its perfume.
They are a one night stand only to die after exhibiting their ethereal beauty. Have a great day my friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Racist Pig

Last month I posted about my roadside update, where I planted some Christmas palms and frangipani pudica along the roadside. A stalking blogger by the name of Antigonum Cajan from Puerto Rico posted a comment that I was a fool to plant the two together. I was very annoyed with him because he would often leave rude comments on my blog. I refused to publish any of his comments and he even had the gall to ask me why. This time he had gone too far. I went to his blog and told him that. This was how it went down 

Him.... "Frangipani and Palms! The organic matter, seeds and fronds from the palms, eventually will decapitate the Plumerias, FOOL!7"

Me..... "you are a bigger asshole to keep posting rude comments that I will never publish"

Him..." Sorry darki the asshole is you. Palms with plumerias? You are a retard, believing you have anything to say/write, while your garden shows your rampant ignorance, doing a diservice to your readers...and making my day...I probably write a post with your photos. Islander fool....with airs.
I set trends beyond my believe I care if you publish my criticism? Thanks for dropping by!"

So he went ahead and stole my photograph and proceeded to  ridicule me on his blog. I asked him to remove my photo and he didn't. To be honest I didn't care what he posted about me nor my garden BUT just don't use my photos. So I decided to doctor my  photo that he used on his blog.
 Many of you may have seen this and wondered what may have happened to the photo. I had forgotten that the replaced photo would not have been updated in your inbox for those of you who subscribe to my blog.  I apologize  for shocking you and I was recently made aware by another subscriber Kerry. Thank you Kerry.
Well the pest Antigonum continues to make  rude comments on my other blog,  the latest:
 "You were so attractive, wow...I am cured. Eenie minie, minie moe cacth the tigger bi di toes" 

I suspected from the start that he was a SICK individual  and I ignored him BUT now I am convinced HE IS SICK RACIST INDIVIDUAL and I will ignore him. So please if you see this pest lurking and posting messages please ignore him as well.

 Update : Someone just sent me a profile of this Racist description of himself

"I am trapped in Puerto Rico. With many talents, unable to share my skills around horticulture, besides my garden with 120 species with their botanical names, and growing collection. A couple of neighbors interested in horticulture and my humble blog about criticism, pragmatic horticulture, landscaping maintenance practices, and the constant ripp offs, lack of aesthetics worthy of merit."
I can see why he is out of work and will continually be out of work.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Blogger's bloom day August 2012

 White duranta repens  with their beautiful golden berries
 Radermachera or tree Jasmine I brought back with me from Florida
 Thunbergia erecta
 Yellow ground orchid
 Pinky looking ground orchid I got from tog of coral gables  a few years ago thank you Jordan!
 Pink pentas waiting to be transplanted
 The gorgeous white mussaenda
I am sooo Happy to see the end of the mango season, my back ached collecting these fellows.

Hello and welcome to Garden blogger's bloom day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. The mango season has come to an end (phew!) and I am elated! There were mangoes all over the house. My freezer is bursting with bags of the fruit and my husband is complaining that he can't get counter space in the kitchen. I just have one more tub of mangoes to prepare for freezing (my poor hands).  We have been getting frequent short showers  and the garden is now  a verdant and weedy sanctuary. To see what is blooming in other gardens please go over to Carol at may dreams gardens where many gardeners can't wait to show you their gardens. Have a great week my friends.