Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Busy at the homestead

 Sabinea carinalis aka Pride of Dominica  in bloom at the Rustic Bajan Garden. This shrub thrives in drought like conditions and is a great plant for xeriscaping.
 Pride of Dominica is the national flower of the island of Dominica.
My Vanilla bean orchid has grown up the side of my tool shed and onto the roof. A papaya tree has sprung up in the orchid pot.
Pink petunias

 The pergola posts were replaced a few weeks ago with larger posts and since the top was in need of repair I decided to put a metal roof on. It will be a great place to dine when finished. The cinder block floor that was becoming uneven so I suggested to hubby to cast a concrete one. So the blocks were taken up and the  new floor was cast.


 To keep costs down I opted for a shed roof  instead of a gable  even though I would have preferred a gable roof. Now we will be dining alfresco amongst the water lilies! Parrrrteee!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. It looks so warm and bright there!

  2. Love the new pergola! Many more posts for vines to climb. And wines to drink under. ��


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