Monday, February 23, 2009

Sixmens fishing village 10 years later

The boats above have been repaired and are awaiting their paint job. The government has started a cleanup drive and has removed truck loads of refuse that has accumulated over the years.

The fish vendor in her cubicle told me that she is happy where she is and that the only problem she has is that when it rains she gets wet.

Flying fish our national dish is being filleted by a local fisherman. These fish do fly above the waves at sea. Some times they fly onto the decks of boats. They travel in large schools and are netted. They measure around 6-10 inches long and around 2 inches wide.

These fishing boats are called Moses, I really don't know how they got the name but I suspect it is biblical.
These are temporary fishing stalls for the vendors that have been erected by the government.

Like every village there must be a church for its' residents.

These youngsters are having fun with the boat.

Fish pots made by the fishermen. They trap lobsters as well as other reef fish in these.

And of course a rum shop, a village is not a village without one. This one sells great food on weekends. You can buy fish dinners, pork chops and chicken and of course a bit of fire water too.

You can choose to eat here or take it home.

Remember the cute gingerbread house in the last post? It is now going under repairs and is expanding. I wonder how it is going to look. I will keep you posted.

These fish stalls will be removed in a few weeks time. The vendors will be housed in nearby temporary buildings that have been erected. I will give another update when the change has taken place.


  1. I love the colors used in the islands. The colors of the boats, the houses and the venders stalls are so cheery and bright.

  2. Thank you for the very interesting tour. Just love the little church.


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