Sunday, April 12, 2009

The weeding (wedding) party---Happy Easter

They left in a flurry for the reception

these two adorable flowers

The air was filled with the perfume of the frangipani

Bride and best friends admiring the ring

Bridal party

Bride and Groom

new orchid bed

A few weeks ago I was approached by a young lady asking if it were possible to use my garden for her wedding photos. I told her yes and to call me a week or two before to remind me. Well she called me every week to remind me. Good thing too because I was able to plan the big cleaning jobs way ahead of time. The big day arrived yesterday, and I have never worked so hard in my life. I had planned on having two helpers but only one was able to make it so my workload was doubled. I worked from 0630 am until the wedding party arrived. They arrived in a caravan of cars, when I had just finished mowing an area around the pond. I quickly ran into the house to take a quick shower and then made my way to take a few discreet photos. The photo shoot was done and they left as they came, in a flurry to the reception. I later shuffled to the supermarket and stocked up on some motrin painkillers and a few essentials. I stopped and bought some Chinese take away and made my way home. I ate, took two motrin and a muscle relaxer, I was in bed by 8.00pm. Today I took it easy, it rained all morning and am loving it.


  1. When you mentioned 'weeding party' I assumed that you had invited some friends over with trowells and spades to help you weed! I was thinking by the second photo that they were awfully overdressed! What a wonderful occasion for them. And what a beautiful garden you have. I might just be tempted to visit one day.

  2. LOL I was just having some fun with words with the Scots. Please stop by whenever you are in Barbados.

  3. That was a wonderful thing you did to offer your beautiful garden, and to work so hard preparing it for wedding photos. There couldn't be a more idyllic location! I would love to visit your garden next time i'm in Barbados. Too bad i only found this web site a day after returning home to Canada (departed Barbados April 12th after a terrific 9 day holiday). Glad you survived the attack of the green monkey!

    take care,

    Kingston, ON

  4. You are so kind to let them use your gorgeous garden for their wedding. What a good memory for the happy movement. Great job, and hope you can get a good rest.

  5. Maria thank you for stopping by, just put my garden on your things to do list, for your next Barbados visit.

    Vuejardin thank you, I took it easy the last two days but now I have a few more weeds to pull and some grass to cut and some ponds to do. It never ends!

  6. How beautiful! All that hard work paid off.

  7. Helen, that's so lovely! A wedding party too. Your garden looks more beautiful than ever!

  8. Helen,
    How very magical for the bride and groom. Sometimes it works out well for us when we have a deadline... it gets us motivated and it helps us get those much needed projects accomplished.
    What a kind gesture on your part!
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  9. Jill-O thank you yes it a haaard work LOL.

    Kanak thank you, nice to have you back!

    Meems I am now contemplating a garden plant sale so more work is needed. I seem to be a glutton for punishment LOL.


    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  11. Hello,
    Do you know of any successful ways to propgate the white musseanda?

  12. Air layering is generally done for propagating white mussaenda and has an approximate 80% rate of success. I have done stem cuttings with a 50% success rate.n Thank you for stopping by.


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