Friday, November 27, 2009

Blooming Saturday

Dwarf Alamanda
white dendrobium orchid

I have been very busy lately, been on the road looking at materials and supplies for the kitchen that I hadn't the time to make the post today Friday. So I have decided to do it for Saturday. We have been getting some frequent showers this month so the plants are loving it. The grass is growing by the second so every weekend now I am mowing it.
On Monday my island will be celebrating its 43rd year of independence. Prior to that the island was under British rule like most of the other English speaking islands.


  1. Hi! The white dendrobium is stunning! You have a lot of work now , with your kitchen renovation and the garden. Hope your kitchen gets completed soon. Happy Independence Day!

  2. I have the same color Bougainvillea in my front yard but without the varigated leaves. One of my favorites.
    P.S. Thanks for your interpretations of the glass art.Everyone's will be published at once on Monday. Stop by for a laugh, it might help releave the stress of your remodeling.

  3. Your blooms look happy. Mine could do with a bit of rain too!

    Have a great Independence day!

  4. The dendrobium is so white and pure. It is definitely my favourite. Happy Independence Day!

  5. How very dramatically colourful! Perfect colours for a celebration :)
    How's your kitchen progressing?

  6. Folks thank you I am spending my independence day supervising the workmen (or giving them a headache. The new kitchen roof is almost done and the ceiling should be finished in another day or two. The rest is still in shambles. I couldn't get a skylight window locally and the window company won't build me one because they say that I will have problems with it. It is amazing that these stupid people are refusing business in these hard times. They prefer that I bring it in my self from the USA. Yet they are always moaning about locals not supporting local industry. I have lost some weight with not having a proper kitchen, the stress with the dust and everything else that goes with renovations.

  7. P.S I need to loose the weight so don't feel too sorry for me :-)


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