Monday, July 5, 2010

Rambling update

queen of flowers, queen's crape myrtle or pride of India (lagerstromeia speciosa)

I have been watching this tree for several years, every year for flower buds.

Then suddenly one morning I spotted these buds. I was elated!

I have been reading about this tree on some of my gardening friends' blogs in India and Florida. I thought that might be the tree I bought many years ago (about 3 years). I waited impatiently every year to see buds. Hola! This year I am rewarded with some buds and blooms. Not many, just on what seems to be the older branches of the tree. The tree is still quite young and still has many years to grow into the magnificent specimen that it is meant to be . I have seen a few of these trees on the island, one is located in the car park of the Foundation school in Christ Church, and another from Caribbean Plants in Gibbes where this one was purchased.

My garden ramble, which was held over the weekend did not come off as I would have wanted it to. On Saturday, I was competing with the World cup and Wimbledon, and on Sunday it rained buckets. Some people came and bought some plants after the events . Next time, I will do a thorough check before confirming a date.
I however, cannot control the weather.


  1. I love this tree. We bought one about three years ago. The buds are forming and some have bloomed already. It is a treat I wait for every year. I love the color too. Yours looks great for being so young. Enjoy.


  2. If your comment is not seen posted here, it is that Blogger is having some problems in moderating comments. Hopefully this will be fixed asap.

  3. It is a beautiful tree. Even the dried flower pods can be used in a dried flower arrangement. Better luck next time with the garden sale!

  4. I have this tree right in front of my house. It is still a small tree at 6 years old. I love the purple flowers. Helen, I'm sorry to hear about the results of your recent sale but never mind, there is always next time to look forward to.


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