Friday, January 7, 2011

A Gem in the woods

While visiting South Carolina last November, we paid a fleeting visit to this B&B gem in the woods. Owned and run by a petite and talented lady named Ellen, an accomplished artist, world traveler and chef,  a true Jill of all trades. My cousins who had stayed there had told her about me and my rustic garden and hoped that one day we will meet. It is my dream one day to open a B&B and I was impressed with this gem of a place!
I was in awe of the beauty that surrounded this place. It was a home away from home  the first moment I stepped onto the property.  The curling wisps of smoke led me to this picturesque patio at the back.  I felt at peace with the world in these surroundings. It was as if time had stood still.

Camellias graced the garden and the slopes. Ellen took me to where some were flowering even though the season was coming to an end.  She told me that the original owner had them planted all over the property and was thrilled that she had inherited them when she bought the place.

Much of the work is done by the owner Ellen including these deliciously baked goods on the table. Did I mention that Ellen is a BIG Elvis Fan? Well she is and has a corner dedicated to him but you will have to come visit to see it.

I spotted this hibiscus in bloom in the chilly weather and was amazed at its resilience.

The Amethyst Inn is located at the foothills of the Southern Appalachian mountains, it is  opened all year round and reservations are required. This is a great place to get away from the madding crowd. Have a great weekend my friends.

N.B. Sad news Ellen has closed The Amethyst Inn.


  1. It is indeed a gem..a beautiful little place inside and outside!

  2. Charming place! The Southern Appalachians are breathtakingly beautiful. Don't you just love camellias? Our camellia season is just getting started here in Central Florida, and I'm lovin' the show.

  3. This is indeed a gem of a place! So homely and so inviting! Beautiful camellias...lucky to inherit such gorgeous plants with the property. Thanks for the wonderful tour, Helen.

  4. Yes Helen, it really is such a wonderful place for a B&B. I hope you get yours soon, and i wish to visit, haha!


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