Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tutti frutti and veggie planters

Fresh fruit from my garden, pommerac aka Malay apple (syzygium malaccense), carambola and mangoes.

Mango season is coming to an end and what a relief! I ate mangoes for breakfast lunch and dinner. I have even been slapped in the face by them when mowing the grass.

Orchids in bloom with some new arrivals.
Latest addition to my plant collection aglaonemas.

The aglaeonemas were expensive plants but I made a deal with the nursery owner. They are originally from China and they come in many colours. They make excellent house plants since they like full to partial shade.

These bird's nest anthuriums were given to me by my mother a few days ago.

These containers were from the junk yard and I decided to use them for my vegetables. They were discards from a miniature golf establishment. I drilled several holes for drainage and filled them with soil from my compost heap and covered with black plastic for several weeks to kill off the weeds.

I tried sowing onions but they didn't make it so I decided to grow lettuce and squash in them.

The lettuce and squash are doing fine and I have already harvested some lettuce. I have placed some black plastic on the ground to kill off the weeds and grass.
Fresh salad anyone?


  1. Oh Gawd that fruit looks so good, send me some please!

  2. Hi Helen, wow new acquisitions huh, lovely planters. And the vegies are growing nicely. It's good you dont have pests there. We have lots of fruits too but because they are not all harvested because everyone has theirs too, fruit flies dont get out anymore. My problem because we have already tall trees is lacking sunlight for vegies. I miss planting okra. What we have now are the vines like gourds because they can climb the trees for the sunlight.

  3. Wonderful fruit you have, Helen. What a great idea to recycle the discarded containers!

  4. Fresh veges out of the golf ball... cool! I like this idea. And regarding the aglaonema, I am sure you are going to love them. I love their colours a lot. But they are very susceptible to white mealy bugs.


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