Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Bouquets

 A stunning arrangement that will light up any table
 Some of these gingers produced several mini flowers on the original flower and I thought how neat!
 These gingers reproduce in their flowers as well as by root divisions.

 These mini gingers are great for mini bud vases and squat vases.
 Shampoo ginger is the main ingredient in  the Aussies brand shampoo. The flower head is filled with a beautiful scented thick liquid, just squeeze it and you will see and smell it.

Gingers are fabulous for cut flowers, they last a really long time and are so colourful. I have several varieties growing in my garden and it is a wonderful feeling cutting ones own for table arrangements.  I also have an excess of limes and I had seen some arrangements on a blog that used them with flowers. So I decided to do the same.  Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Your weekend flower bouquet is lovely. Using limes in the arrangement is a great idea. I like the 'shampoo ginger', name and appearance. I am growing more gingers in my garden too. Happy weekend!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! We just planted some gingers in our garden and I can't wait for them to flower. Your arrangement is beautiful!

  3. I like a lot your bouquet, good ideas for me
    Greetings from Guadeloupe
    My blog is

  4. That IS a stunning bouquet, love the "beehive" look of the shampoo ginger.

  5. Absolutely stunning! The arrangement and the gingers!


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