Monday, October 31, 2011

Pond project

 I was asked to build this elegant pond for clients who wanted a home for their Victoria water lilies
 The site was breathtaking and HOT
 Work was interrupted several times by heavy showers
 The pond was finally completed and the Victoria water lilies were installed by the owner

I was busy a few weeks ago managing  this pond project on the south coast of the island. The owners wanted a home for their two Victoria water lilies. The pond was built on a concrete base that measured 9 ft x 9ft and the pond measured 8ft x8ft x 2ft deep. This is quite an easy project for a beginner and this is a great pond for small gardens. The materials used were 2x8 for the sides and 4x4 pressure treated pine lumber for the supports.  Foam was used to cushion the liner on the bottom  and roofing felt on the insides. So stop moaning about wanting a pond for your garden, just make it happen!


  1. Wonderful project. They can grow big. Flowers are divine!

  2. Hello Helen, you seem really quite occupied as you don't post often anymore. That area is so beautiful, overlooking the sea. I can even feel the humidity and HEAT as i look at it, but undoubtedly very beautiful. I love your pond, but i don't know the materials you are talking about, hahaha! Don't worry i am not making a pond at all, but i appreciate them.

  3. aloha helen,

    what a beautiful project, i've always wanted to have a pond and am one of those procrastinators...this looks like a very easy project.

    btw, love the post before with that amazing pool and garden...i can hang out there forever :)

  4. Though I am not a gardener, per se, these pictures are breathtaking. I held a bouquet of anthuriums as my floral arrangement as a bride. They were my grandmother's favorite flower/plant, and now they're mine. The photos remind me of Dominica, my own birthplace, not too far from Barbados. Thanks for sharing!


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