Thursday, December 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day December 2011

Callistemon  or bottle brush in bloom

 Christmas candle (cassia alata) doing their thing in my garden.
 I discovered this lovely new nursery in the east of the island last week.
I was driving by this wall and had to do a second take with this Garlic vine in all its glory

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day where gardeners from around the globe show what is blooming in their garden and in their part of the world.  We had monsoon weather the latter part of November and that hindered me in the garden.  I have been busy working on another project that will soon be completed. My next post will feature this project. 
To see more of what is blooming in other gardens please take a stroll over to Carol at may dreams gardens . Have a great day gardening!


  1. Love the bottle brush ( been trying to get a plant) and the waterlily. Those rains were most welcome in my dry patch!

  2. Hi Helen, you are resurrected! How are you now, not very busy anymore? I guess you have done more landscaping jobs, i am envious. Happy holidays.

  3. Wow...that Garlic Vine is AMAZING!

  4. aloha,

    love all the tropical colors, such a nice contrast to winter, although we have been having a very wet monsoon like winter here.

  5. Amazed by that Garlic Vine!


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