Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blooms day April 2012

 Petrea volublis
 ground orchid
 ground orchid
petunia picotee
golden cape honey suckle
Bougainvilla and Frangipani
Desert roses
deep pink Mandevilla waiting to be transplanted
thornless crown of thorns and white Dendrobium orchid

Hello and welcome to garden blogger's bloom day where gardeners all over the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. It has been HOTTT and DRY  with no rain for the month so far. However this is the time of year when trees shed their leaves, and the most colourful of flowers are in bloom. My garden is full of dried leaves, the grass is brown yet the trees have fresh greenery on them. I also had some excitement a few days ago after finding a piglet in the house. For more garden bloomers please visit Carol at may dreams gardens.


  1. Thanks for these garden pics
    My Petrea volubilis is not the same
    I send a little of our rains. We stayed one week without rain and the garden was very dry also
    I put your blog in my links
    Have a good sunday

  2. The colours of your flowers certainly are vibrant. They obviously all love the heat.
    I would love to know how you get your desert rose to bloom so well. Mine only ever gets one of two flowers at the most.

  3. Hello Helen my friend, we are at the same conditions right now despite our distance! It is so difficult to go outside even if it is still at 7am. It is aggravated if you are in the big city, so i leave early and go home late, to be away from street heat.

    That first bloom is so beautiful, i dont think we have it here yet. Does it seed well? It looks like a tree, how tall is it? And I didn't know there is a thornless crown of thorns. I certainly prefer that than mother's ordinary Euphorbia millii, the thorned crown of thorns, haha!

  4. Great blooms shared today. I'm waiting for my Petrea to return from the severe cutback it had last year. I really love the flowers. Love Ground Orchids too. I wish I had lots more around my garden.

    Love those double ruffled Petunias. You also have some very pretty Desert Roses, and that white Dendrobium is just wonderful.

  5. Fantastic colours, especially like the Petrea volublis, so vibrant!

    We grow (or try to grow) exotic plants in the UK, but our weather is not as kind as yours.

    If you get chance stop by and have a look at our Exotic Garden


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