Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding belles

 Last month I attended the wedding of the daughter of a close school friend in Orlando Florida.
It was an unforgettable wedding, the best I have ever been to (not that I get invited to many).
 The beautiful Bride wore a stunning gown and looked like a princess next to her handsome prince.
 The proud mom, my friend Antoinette who looked radiant and blissfully happy on this special day. We have known each other since we were 12 years old.
 The atrium setting was perfect for the reception.
 The first dance
The first toast
 The proud father dancing with the bride
 Cutting the cake
 The guests included my daughter Lauren 3rd right enjoying themselves in a group dance.
Of course I had to check out the gardens in the atrium. The giant spathiphyllums were stunning, I am used to only seeing the smaller ones.

The plants were lush under controlled temperatures in the atrium.
Kalanchoes adding some ground cover colour  while the bread fruit leaf fern  (wart fern) and the philodendron cling to the rocks in the background.
Here the deep pink mandevilla is used as a ground cover.
These giant spathiphyllums were showing off their amazing blooms everywhere.
The alligators and turtles basking in the sunshine were all part of the gardens.
The beautiful heart shaped leaves of this alocasia caught my attention.
Aglaonemas, Kalanchoes, and wart fern (bread fruit leaf ) filled the sides of this path. Congratulations  to the bride and groom Stephanie and Marcus, wishing them happiness throughout their marriage.


  1. Wow girlfriend, you were really socialising all over the place in the US.
    The wedding looked lovely, but you know what really caught my eye...those gorgeous plants.13

  2. WOW! What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Love all the bright colors in the flower arrangements. Looks like everyone had a great time esp. the bride & groom! :)

    Happy Gardening & best wishes,

  3. What a beautiful wedding. I had to smile - you are a true gardener having to check out the gardens at the venue.

  4. Great snaps

    superb couple

    hope to see more posting related to Barbados holidays.



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