Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garden blogger's bloom day September 2012

White Debdrobium flanked by busy lizzies add some colour  to this rack.
 Freshly cut ginger lilies welcome visitors to the house.
 Pink Pride of Barbados amongst the golden crinums
 Pink pride of Barbados (caesalpinia pulcherrima)
 Monarchs are back in the garden and this one just entered the world.
The evening sun through the trees.

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's blooms day for September. This month has been  hot and on the dryish side with a few scattered showers over the island. My water bill for last month was $123.00 ($62.00USD)  the lowest I have seen for some time. The month before was $530.00 ($265.00 USD). I dread seeing it if it continues to be dry. There is still lots of moisture in the air as I can see heavy dew on the grass in the early morning, that has put a damper on cutting the grass in the morning. September is still an official hurricane month for us and we are still watching systems developing in the Atlantic. I have roof repairs to do and will probably start in another week or so, something I am not looking forward to.
To see more blooming gardens around the globe please go over to Carol at may dreams gardens. Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. Oh Helen, you're surrounded by such beauty!! The White Dendrobium and the ginger lilies are absolutely stunning! The pink Pride of Barbados isn't common around our parts. We see the yellows and the yellow/orange ones. Lovely shot of the monarch and the lengthening shadows!Here's hoping that the showers will keep coming....

  2. Fantastic picture of a Monarch having just emerged from its chrysalis.

  3. I love your garden blooms this month. That orchid is so beautiful!
    Sorry about your water bill. Our can get over $200 and that's with using rain barrels as well.
    this summer has had so much nice rain that I've not even collected water at all.
    Happy GBBD!

  4. The ginger lilies are fabulous, and I love the combination of the pink Pride of Barbados and the golden crinums. We mainly see the red form of the Pride of Barbados at home (Brisbane) and here in Jakarta we get the yellow and the red.

  5. Hello Helen, i have not been here for a while, I have not been looking at my reader religiously so i missed some of my friends' posts. Your area is so lovely, very clean and well maintained. And the house so welcoming, looking so hospitable. I still remember a few years back when many of us were invited for a party to your place, cyberparty! haha. Now, what happened to your former pig? Has he stopped completely in pestering you?

  6. Thank you Kanak for stopping by. It rained all day yesterday and is overcast today. I will try to pull some weeds today:-)

    Nick..the monarchs are back in the garden and i am running out of their larval food milkweeds.

    David I am happy to hear that you are getting some rain after that long drought. I can almost see the happy look on your face when you speak about the rain.:-)

    Marisa.. Lucky you to be like a butterfly between Jakarta and Brisbane.

    Andrea you made me chuckle...well the piglet has not been by since the last time. You know we should try and have a real cyber party one day!

  7. What a lovely garden! It is really a beautiful. I am amaze by those blooms. They are pretty. Thanks!

    Shyra Jeane @ e Carport

  8. What a paradise! Your blooms are lovely. I've been trying to grow ginger lilies unsuccessfully for three years--plenty of growth but no blooms, sadly. (I think they are in too much shade--which is my whole yard!) Gorgeous capture of the Monarch. Thank you for the tour of your garden--I just found your site and look forward to visiting often! Cheers!

  9. Girlfriend, as usual your garden is blooming its head off.....beautiful, just beautiful!


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