Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dry days are here again

We are now into our dry season. Last month was the driest November I have ever experienced.
This lemon ginger is drought tolerant and seems to be growing effortlessly under my lime tree.
This area is where my natural pond occurs during the rainy season and since it remains damp I decided to try a bog garden here. I planted some gingers on the perimeter and am undecided whether to place a lipstick palm in the middle or plant some lotus.
The heron looked rather surprised as I took this shot.
I planted this creeper between my frangipani trees about  ten years or more ago. It has found its way to the top and this is the second time it has flowered and just recently I found out its name. It is called the red hot poker vine (norantea guianensis) thank you Sharon.  The flower spike is more like an orange colour and of course it only blooms at the very top.
The island now is very busy preparing for Christmas and this year I decided to scale down things and just observe others (I hope). I am hoping for some rain, just enough to green the grass and feed the plants.  Wishing all a great weekend!

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  1. Yes, very dry here on the island.
    How on earth is your lemon ginger doing so well without water? I had to water mine practically everyday when I had a potted one on my patio.
    Have fun planting up your new bog garden.


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