Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

 Pommerac (malay apple) in bloom aka French Cashew and plumrose in some of the islands

 Pride of Dominica (sabinea carinalis)bloomed for the first time

 Cattleya  orchid
 Kalanchoes still blooming

Hello and welcome to Garden blogger bloom day where gardeners from around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. We are into the dry season and haven't had rain for two months. The ground is cracking and I am hoping for a few rain showers to come soon.  
Work on the homestead is progressing , the ceilings are being installed and should be finished in a another day or two. To see more of what is blooming around the globe please go over to Carol at May dreams gardens whose idea it was to  start GBBD. Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. The pink flower at the very top are fabulous!

  2. The pink flowers at the top are beautiful...I posted a comment earlier but don't know where it went.

  3. Love tropical flowers. I have rooted kalanchoe cuttings. We always grow them in pots. I may try some in the ground, in a protected spot they might survive a South Georgia winter.

    Is Pride of Dominica related to Pride of Barbados?

  4. Magnifique ta bordure de Crinum jaune et de kalenchoé, very beautiful the two colours !
    I could do a border with this yellow crinum.
    Have a good week end

  5. WOW Helen, I can't believe that all looks so beautiful without rain...lucky you! My yard would look like our native scrub lands here in Florida, lol. You have such beautiful colors in the garden with the bright magenta pinks and the contrast of yellow with red. Incredible how those kalanchoes look!

    Best wishes and hope you get some rain!

  6. Hi Helen, we are at the same conditions now, and it is so hot and humid. That tree, Pride of Dominica, is new to me, although there is a similar plant here whose flowers are white and red like that. Are you sure it is Sabinea and not Sesbania? The flowers are eaten as salad by some people, most especially the white variety.

  7. Congrats on your Pride of Dominica blooms my dear.

  8. Hi Helen ,
    My husband and I are on the island for another 10 days . Would love to come and visit , if convenient .

  9. Thank you Janie and welcome to my rustic bajan garden. When those flowers fall they make a spectacular carpet on the ground.

    Hello Sheri,
    Thank you for stopping by. No rain as yet and am watering like crazy just to keep some things alive.

    Hello Andrea.It is very hot and humid here as well. I am sure it is Sabinea.

    Hello NellJean
    The pride of Dominica is not related to the pride of Barbados. Kalanchoes grow well in the shade down here and will lasts for several years after cutting back.

    Thank you Virginia, I was very excited when I saw the blooms. Hope they give me a full flush next year.

    Hello Jansixm,
    Please contact me by the email on my profile or send me your contact number.

  10. Bonjour Janine,

    Oui les jaunes et rouges sont spectacle!


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