Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday in the garden

 My shade house has become a jungle, I plan to transform it as soon as I am finished with the house renos.

 One of my favorite Heliconias
 Lettuce ready to be harvested
 Scallop squash
 Milkweeds (asclepias) waiting to be transplanted for the monarch butterfly.
Jamaica Poinsettia
I am paying more attention to the garden now the house renos are almost finished. On Saturday my hubby and some helpers drained the round pond and cleaned it.
 See the two albino sharks and Moby Dick in the middle swimming together.
It was a right mess and had been so for several months. The pump was not working properly and hubby took it to the repair shop. The shop tried opening it and broke the case housing the pump because the screws were fused together. It is still there waiting to find a similar used housing. So last month Hubby went to visit his mother in Miami and brought back a new pump.  Now the pump and filter are up and running again with a clean pond to boot.
Have a great week my friends!


  1. Wow your sharks are already big! What do they eat? Your shadehouse reminds me that i should make one too, because my hoyas might not be able to withstand the coming dry season heat. And i will appreciate it if you will post the outside of your renovated house, haha! When are you organizing a party again for us? I attended the last one a few years back!

  2. Shade house looks so lovely, a cool and serene spot!

  3. It's really a jungle out there!!!
    have fun cleaning and sorting out the plants in the shade house.
    The Jamaican Poinsettia looks interesting....I may have to swing by and check it out for myself.


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