Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hunte's Gardens revisited part 1

The beautiful picturesque entrance to the great house.
Orchids adorn many seating areas.

 Anthuriums brighten shady spots.

 Begonias and bromeliads

 Ground orchids thriving in this environment.
Variegated elephant ears (alocasia) providing shade from the sun.
 Torch gingers tall and stately.
Ornamental bananas
Hubby and I took his mother to a mystical place yesterday, Hunte's Gardens in the parish of St. Joseph. Located deep in a gully and brought to life by the owner Anthony Hunte a pioneer landscape artist and nurseryman.
 This is a must for anyone who loves gardens. You can bring a picnic basket and have lunch with nature.  
Admission $30.00 BDS or $15.00 USD


  1. Wow, what a fantastic garden, so lush and colourful.

  2. Thanks for this post ~ Hunte's is one of my favorite botanical gardens and haven't been there in years. Brings back great memories!

  3. Still looks great! I readily await the part 2.


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