Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day June 2015

 Pentas in bloom on fence flower box
 Ground Orchids

 Barbados Amaryllis doing their thing.

 Clerodendron still blooming
 Singapore Plumeria fills the garden with its perfume
 Fallen blooms on the drought torn grass.
 White and yellow plumeria not as highly scented as the Singapore Plumeria
 Mango blooms that will bring forth fruit in another three months
 Impatients brightens this area at the front patio

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. It is still very hot dry and very windy. We have had some sprinkles but not long enough to see any improvement in the landscape.
I have finally constructed a shade house for my seedlings and I also plan to do some for sale. A shade house is a necessity in the tropics. 
To see more of what is blooming around the world please visit Carol at may dreams gardens
Have a great week friends and please send us some rain if you are getting too much!


  1. I was just talking to my brother in law about how much we love the Caribbean. I would never imagine it being so dry. I wish I could trade you some of our Scottish grey skies and rain for some of your sunshine! You have managed to keep your garden looking lovely despite the weather.

    1. Good morning Nick, we have two seasons in the Caribbean, rainy season and dry season. The rainy season should start in June and finish in December but we have had a slow start. Our reservoirs are becoming low and there are water outages and rationing in some parts of the island. There are some tropical waves coming our way today or tomorrow and that should bring some badly needed rain.

  2. I always drool over your plants! And, if only-- if only, I could share some of this rain!!! I certainly would.
    Do wishes count!?!

    1. Thank you Jane we will soon be getting , there is a tropical wave in the area. Yes wishes do count :-)

  3. Hi Helen, i haven't posted for GBBD as i missed the dates again. Our rainy season arrived officially at summer solstice, so we can already smell their happiness now. My hippeastrum in the province already bloom and they are so beautiful in a hedge. My pentas of that color died this dry season, but i have a small red on placed under the hoyas to get some water drips. Water is a problem in our place so i put 2 plastic tanks now for rainwater storage to use next dry season. I wish i can already build a shade house like that for my hoyas, but still looking for men to do it. I hope you have the rains soonest too.

    1. Hey Andrea, good to hear that your rainy season has started while ours is off to a slow start. We have some tropical waves in the area so I will be looking out for some rain. Yes I am thinking of getting some plastic tanks for the garden in the dry season but I will need a whole lot and I can't afford that. Your hoyas are beautiful.


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