Thursday, October 15, 2015

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day October 2015

 Sesbania grandiflora aka Parrot's beak in bloom. These are from seeds sown in April and planted out in July. They are between 15 -20 ft tall.

 Back garden 

I decided to do a pallet make over and created a herb planter stand.
New grill on the block. I saved this grill from the land fill and it is amazing what a new paint job can do. Norman do you recognize your former friend?
A friend and I took a stall at a local festival. Sales were a bit slow that day. 
 Hello and welcome to GBBD where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. It has been really hot and humid and still not enough rain. Well we have November and December  to come. To see more blooming gardens please go over to Carol at May dreams gardens
 Until next time take care and happy gardening!


  1. Wow love the garden but most specially the pallet herb planter. I wish to do that to, but pallets here are difficult to get. It is nice that you can join some events to sell your plants, lovely showcase.

  2. Looking good Helen! David says he loves the color! I'm loving the herb planter stand!



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