Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Ramble

  Eye candy for sale Chrysanthemums and crown of thorns.

 Dianthus and Gallardias also on sale

 An early morning visitor that freaked me out. A giant heron it looks like appeared and has been turning up for the past two mornings looking for some food. It has a wingspan of 6 ft or so and is about 3 ft tall.

I had another garden Ramble over the weekend and I would like to thank all those of you who attended. I met a follower of my blog who lives in the UK and Barbados. She was excited to attend because most of the time she can only read about the event. Thank you Anita it was such a pleasure meeting you.  Linda Lewis and her group of friends came by and it was a joy to see a FB friend in person. I was told by many who attended, that this should be a regular event during the year and I plan to do that next year.

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  1. Helen, I haven't yet come down from the "high" of Saturday morning. It was an absolute pleasure and joy to meet you and visit your garden. Thank you for your generosity. Your collection of plants is amazing and my eyes still haven't lost their sparkle! :*


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