Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day June 2017

 Adenium  aka desert rose
 Calliandra emarginata aka dwarf  powder puff
 Heliconia rostrata aka lobster claw
 Plumeria aka frangipani

Delonix regia aka Royal poincianna, flamboyant, gul mohur

 Dragon fruit flower
Young dragon fruit aka pitaya
 Dragon fruit flower bud
 Tecoma x smithtii aka orange bells
 Zephyrantes aka rain lilies

 Ground orchids

Hello and welcome to GBBD where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. Yesterday we had a day of rain after a long dry spell.  It felt good! 
I have been trying to grow some Matthiolas aka night scented stocks  and I cant get them to bloom. I have lost several but these here are holding on. Anyone who has had experience growing these please drop me a line on how to get them to bloom. 
To see more blooming gardens please visit Carol at may dreams gardens
Have a great week folks!


  1. Hi Helen, i seem to be looking at our plants here. The Delonix regia are mostly blooming everywhere in most streets, but i already lost interest taking its photos, haha! That last one you call Mothiola, havent heard or read it yet. I will search on how they look.

    1. Andrea my Mathiola is dying now. Will try growing them in cooler months.

  2. Aaah that Mattiola is a biennial. It flowers in it's second year from seed. They were looking good but I should think impossible to get through the hot wet season so they flower the year after. Like trying to grow foxgloves really!


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