Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spring is in the air

Sunflowers and petunias are in bloom at the rustic Bajan garden.

Vertical planter filled with veggies.
petunias and crown of thorns
 A longtime family friend and daughter dropped in for a visit.
 It is spring at the Rustic Bajan Garden. The days are becoming hot again even though we have been getting some scattered showers.  Those of you in the UK my sympathies about the Beast from the East.  Those of you in to in the great North fear not Spring will be soon here, even though we are enjoying the cool nights you have been sending us.  To all gardening folks happy gardening!


  1. It's great you still have cool nights there. We have very intense heat here day and night as if it is already the last day of the dry season, when in fact we are not officially in it yet. Climate change is so fiercely ongoing. By the way i love the cleanliness of your garden, and that vertical vegie pots.

  2. Thank you Andrea, yes it is heating up quickly.

  3. wow
    so beautiful
    love sunflower

  4. Ahh! That looks so lovely and bright, warm and sunny. I think I need a holiday!

  5. Nick I do hope it warms up soon, It is getting really hot here. Check out the flights to the Caribbean you may get a good deal to Barbados.

  6. Lovely colors in your garden. I want to photograph your butterflies visiting them.


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