Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bombax in bloom

Bombax or shaving brush tree

Brazilian red cloak

Bismark palm

On Saturday I visited Philip a palm grower in the parish of St. George. The St. George parish is located in the middle of the island. Philip is very knowledgeable about his palms and plants and had shown me some of his very rare palms. After a short tour of his home garden , we got into his pick up and traveled over very rough terrain to his nursery not far away. At the entrance to palm nursery I was in awe of the colours that confronted me. I saw the Bombax or shaving brush tree in full bloom. I was offered some cuttings which I gladly accepted. I have been planning to get a tree but was undecided where I would plant it since it is a very large tree. I purchased seven palms, two foxtail palms, two bottle palms, two canary date palms, and a red veined palm I can't remember the name of. I then stumbled upon this large specimen of a Brazilian red cloak, it was spectacular. I later discovered it at a nearby garden when I went to chat with a friend who then offered me two small plants. Philip took me to his mother's in law house to look at a spectacular Bismark palm and just to the side of it was this double poinsettia still in full bloom and didn't look like Christmas had come and gone. Philip also gave me two of these poinsettias for my garden. That was a great visit to his nursery and many thanks for the bonus plants.


  1. What a day well-spent! I wish such happy days would come by more often :)
    That Brazilian redcloak looks spectacular! I've never seen or heard of it before. I wonder why... it really catches the eye, doesnt it?

  2. Yes Sunita it was a great day! I agree that the Brazilian redcloak is spectacular and I can't wait for mine to grow. They are now potted up and in my shade house. I am looking around the garden for the perfect position where they will command an audience.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip thru the garden (why go to any other open garden?) This is the best on the island! Loved our picture and Philip's Bismark palm! The patio and entrance to the house was done very beautifully! I know the guests were thrilled and impressed!! Also happy to see an update on Glitter are right: more lilies and water plants will add greatly to the atmosphere! Do so hope that the plants and fish continue to thrive and of course that goes for the business as well!
    Was at Fairchild Gardens yesterday for an outstanding international orchid show and festival. We will have to go there during your visit! Looking forward to seeing you and Lauren!
    Great person as well as on the blog!

  4. Gorgeous colours, Helen. Even the double poinsettia is amazing! No leaves but laden with blooms/bracts. I was at a nursery the other day but nothing looked as spectacular as anything in your photos!

  5. Barbs am looking forward to visiting you and Fairchild gardens. It is a pity that the orchid show was this early I would have surely love to have gone.

    Kanak that double poinsettia always take my my breath away. It will be cut back next month and once more in September to be ready for Christmas.

  6. I am new to your blog,having just discovered it.It is absolutley gorgeous.Living in florida,I would love for our's to look like your's.

  7. Don't you just love some of the common names plants are given? Shaving Brush Tree is a great name. And in my favorite hot pink color.

  8. Thank you Chris and JonJ for stopping by. Florida has some definite advantages when gardening, you can grow many things that we grow and many things that we cannot grow. You have access to dozens of nurseries and we have a limited number to choose from. But hey we manage and I just love to visit the local nurseries and gardens when I am in Florida.

    Jill-O glad you like the shaving brush tree that is so aptly named. Hot pink is one of my favorite colours too.

  9. Hey Helen,
    Beautiful post and lucky you visiting the nursery and seeing such spectacular plantings.

    I have been trying to discover the name of the Brazilian Red Cloak for ages. My neighbor has one (never knows the name of anything LOL)... gave me some cuttings (roots very easily) and it is ready to go in the ground. They do get quite large... but oh, so showy and it blooms in December!
    Beautiful post, Helen!
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  10. Meems I can't wait for my Brazilian red cloak to get bigger and I am going to see if I can get some more cuttings for the nursery. I have seen the red as well somewhere on my jaunts around the island. I am trying hard to keep away from the nurseries to save some money. This visit cost me in USD$100.00 for the 7 palms. I have repotted them and will let them grow for about a year or two. Thanks for visiting.

  11. The shaving brush tree really looks like a shaving brush except for being pink.
    Mighty fine selection of plants.
    Great photos!!

  12. Patsi thanks for stopping by...the shaving brush really looks like the tree or the tree looks like the shaving brush..LOL Wonder which came first? LOL

  13. Unreal!!!!!!! I am blown away by the plants you have. They don't even look real! Amazing!


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