Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chores I thought I'd like

I have been eyeing this bunch of bananas for the past few weeks. It will be ready in another three weeks or so if I can remember in time before the birds or the monkeys get to it. These are a short banana we call figs here on the island. They are sweeter than the regular bananas. I will have to get help picking these, I tried a few times and one large bunch came down suddenly........ it brough me down too LOL.

Yesterday I ordered a truck load of soil mix mainly for potting and mixing in the garden beds. This consists of soil, bagasse (sugar cane fibre after it has been crushed and left to decompose), sand, ashes and chicken or cow manure. It generates lots of heat so will leave it to cool down for a few days before using it.

I was passing by the pond after my chore with the chairs and couldn't resist this, any excuse not to finish the chairs.

the partially finished chair

I received my 4 white cedar adirondack in January, last Sunday George my handy man came and assembled them and reassembled one I had put together. Something about mine didn't seem right and there I was telling George how to put them together. Well they are now ready to be stained and I thought now I can do that. I started today this morning around 0900 and after an hour or so I have had enough. I am not even finished the first one but there are three more to be stained. HHHmmmmmm I think I will get Kris my weekend garden help to assist me. I was outdoor working in the sun, it became hotter and hotter so I am done! I will probably resume later in the day when the sun is going down. I should work in the shade but that was too much trouble lugging around the chairs even though they are not heavy.


  1. The pond looks gorgeous, your garden always looks like paradise to me from every angle. Is that pink stunner in the green pot an adenium? Have fun with the staining from cloudy cambridge,x

  2. Thank you Emma for stopping by, yes that is an adenium. We can do with some of those clouds down here.

  3. Helen, beautiful photos, as usual. Pond looks lovely and the adeniums---stunning!

  4. Helen, here the locals cut down the banana plant first before harvesting the bunch. Much easier this wy and you dont have to worry about the bunch falling on you.

  5. Hmmmmm, I am really liking your blog! I blog as well but just like that it became inaccessible through internet explorer for most of my regular visitors and even me! now i can only access it through 'mozilla firefox' another internet browser.

    Your blog reminds me of mine a bit, I posted about coconuts too!


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