Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hunte's garden finale

 mythical creatures carefully positioned amongst plantings

Amazing Bee hive ginger

 Cozy seating areas in the gully

 Oh to be forever lost in this sanctuary!

 Colocasia  esculenta  aka "black taro" giving an indication of how hot the weather had been.

We have come to the finale of this visit to Hunte's Gardens.  I hope that this garden has inspired you go on to create your own sanctuary in your garden. Have a wonderful weekend folks.


  1. Wow! That is a wonderful inspiration! So gorgeous and exotic! I agree...wouldn't it be wonderful to get lost in that place. Hopefully, I will only be inspired by the beauty of this place (and not discouraged by my own garden's stark contrast...)

  2. It is a spectacular garden. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Cool! Those beehives and black colocasia leaves are my favourites. Such a wonderful garden and landscaped so naturally :-D Have a great Sunday.

  4. This is a lovely garden and the blooms are very exotic, expecially the beehive gingers. What a beautiful place it is.

  5. Wow, Helen! Thanks for posting these pictures. It's a most beautiful garden and i recognize most of the plants. But the beehive ginger is new to me. That clump looks spectacular!!I wouldn't want to come away from a place as gorgeous as that! So-o-o beautiful!

  6. Hi dear Helen,
    Another beautiful posting of this amazingly wonderful garden. I just love that anthurium and the ginger cones... do you grow that too? This garden is a magical place... thanks for sharing it with us. I don't know how you made yourself leave it.
    Hugs** dear friend.

  7. Lovely garden, Helen. I wish that is mine, haha! I can grow orchids in an area, your lilies in an area, and my butterfly garden in an enclosure somewhere! Oh how lovely to dream. But it is really hot, but it made those taro more beautiful when they droop a bit. BTW, the correct Sci name is Colocasia esculenta, and the common name is taro, not taro esculenta. I hope you dont mind that. thank you my friend.

  8. Floridagirl.....If we can't have a place like this we are allowed to dream, can't we?

    Missy........I cannot agree with you more it is SPECTACULAR!

    Stephanie..........I am just crazy about the beehive ginger as well, every thing grows so much bigger here than in my garden.

    Autumn Belle......Kanak.....Meems......I wish I could transport this garden to my home :-) I'd be the happiest gal in the world. I don't grow this ginger but would love to get my hands on a plant!

    Andrea.....thanks for the correction. Yes I dream of a garden like this too. LOL


  9. ahhhh....that bee hive ginger is amazing!

  10. Bee hive ginger - that's a new one to me. SO beautiful! I love the tall stalks.


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