Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Almost there

 This cassia javanica will be righted soon, we trimmed off the top and hope that it will regenerate quickly.
This Jamaican rain (brya ebenus) tree didn't waste any time blooming even though Tomas had blown it sideways.
This yellow flamboyant will be straightened and staked
The Mc arthur and foxtail palms seem to have weathered the storm and floods very well.
my faithful vanda
Rusty here enjoying the freshly cut grass

It has been ten days since Hurricane Tomas had passed  and the clean up is almost completed. Just a few more trees to be straightened and staked and a few fallen ones to be cut up around the back garden.  It is blistering hot as well so I am working early mornings and late evenings.  To my fellow bloggers and followers, Flowerlady, Kris, Lotusleaf, Andrea, P3Chandan, Stephanie, Glenda and Gail, thank you all for checking in on me and for your kind comments.
Happy Diwali to all my blogging friends who are celebrating this festival of lights.


  1. Helen, you have done a wonderful job cleaning up after Tomas.Your garden looks beautiful.

  2. Helen, because i have not been seeing you in the comments section of my posts i thought you really are too busy with the aftermath, cleaning and cleaning, and cleaning further! haha. But it looks everything is doing well there already, and in a short while you will be back to blogging flurry again. Good not much is destroyed. At least we have a way of knowing your conditions.

  3. Glad to hear that you are starting to clean up Tomas's wrath and things go back to almost normal again. Life has to go no matter what right?. Have a good day!

  4. Thank goodness you've been able to salvage so many fallen/dislodged trees and plants. Probably all that water in the ground will also help them re-establish their roots. You're really doing such a fast job on the cleanup in spite of the heat. It's probably good you have to stop during the day so you can rest up. Take care.

  5. So sorry to know about Tomas and the damage it wreaked. And sorry that I haven't visited in a while. Good to know that most of your fallen trees can be staked and hopefully, they'll carry on. All the best!

  6. Wow! You must've been so busy cleaning up after Tomas! So glad you're okay.
    I like the way plants and trees just get right on with their business... blooming when its time to do so, no matter what!
    That Vanda is lovely!

  7. Isn't nature resilient? I KNOW how much work it is to clean up after a hurricane...but it is always amazing to me to see nature releafing and flowering after such a force of nature.

    Glad to know you are safe and sound...if a bit sideways!

  8. Helen, I so sorry I'm very late in checking out your blog. But I am so glad you are ok. It's such a relief now. Do have a good rest and I wish you blue skies and plenty of sunshine from now on.

  9. How did I miss all THAT? I've been way too distracted lately and I have some catching up to do on your posts... sorry I missed this stuff and I hope everything gets better. :)


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