Monday, November 8, 2010

Tomas' wrath

fallen  Banana trees
pink cassia 
Royal palm fronds
another fallen pink cassia
 Irwin mango tree lost its middle, I do hope it will produce next year.
plumeria pudica (a victim in many gardens)  in my back garden
 The back garden  with the fallen electrical lines
The huge clammy cherry tree on the neighbouring lot that brought down the electrical line in my back garden

The side path to the back is totally blocked, we are trying to clear it bit by bit and avoiding the  fallen electrical lines.  I do hope the power company comes soon to help clear this mess.

 Clean up is almost completed and my phone line has been restored. The ground is still too soft to mow the grass.


  1. I commiserate with you on the destruction in your gardens. It's difficult to see one's hard efforts laid waste from such a storm. You have quite a cleanup task ahead of you and plants to replace. I don't envy you there.

    I hope that the electric company comes quickly to restore those power lines. Until then, please be extra careful around them! We don't want you hurt.

  2. I'm sorry for your losses, and hope other things recover for you. Clean up always seems monumental after a hurricane. We've been through three, Wilma being the worst. After a storm you appreciate everything so much more.

    Have a great week in your beautiful gardens.


  3. Oh it looks bad... sorry for the mess...
    Hope that pink cassia can be planted back...

  4. My heart breaks to see the uprooted trees and damage. Cleaning up job will be back breaking.

  5. Oh so sad...(T_T)
    We have same faith here in the Philippines. Every year we experience a big Typhoon that struck our garden..


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