Saturday, December 18, 2010

Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

About two years ago I was asked by  a local Horticulturist John Webster,  if I were interested in having my garden photographed by Canada based author and photographer Derek Galon and Margaret Gajek for their up coming book Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean. I agreed, and Derek and Margaret came and spent some time with me in the garden. Today their beautiful book is now out and  being sold by many 
retailers including
The photography is amazing and  my garden is featured on pages 42 to 47. 

This book features gardens many of us hope to  visit some day,  many of them scattered throughout the Caribbean islands like Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada.   Small  gardens as well as large ones are featured in this publication. This is a must for tropical garden enthusiasts and a great coffee table read. Included in the book is a delightful  CD of nature calls of  birds and crickets from the islands. For those of you living on the island you can contact me to purchase this book . 


  1. Congratulations ,Helen, for getting your beautiful garden in a book! I'll be on the lookout for that book on Exotic Gardens.

  2. Stupendous! What a great addition your garden photos must be to that book, Helen. They should be thanking you so profusely.
    I'm definitely going to be placing an order for this book.

  3. Thank you, Helen, for your kind words. We both are really glad you enjoyb our book. We did put all our passion and experience into it, and comments like yours help us keep going with similar level of energy on our other projects, like our other Caribbean book Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean, or another book we are just working on now.
    Thanks again, always good to see your blog, and to remember your beautiful garden!

    Regards to all,
    Derek and Margaret - authors.

  4. Wow! Your garden featured in a book! Congratulations Helen! I hope they are also available locally here, so that I can take a peek too..

  5. Wow great, i can't wait to grab some copy.

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  6. Congratulations dear Helen, that is remarkable. I must say that this is an achievement...for them! Your garden and plant collection is amazing and their book wouldn't have been complete without including the pictures from your collection.

  7. Helen, Congratulations! I am so proud of you. To have a garden featured in a book is truly an amazing achievement. May you have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Helen, you are so lucky for your garden being included in that book. I am sure it is beautiful and lovely to have as our plants are the same. I hope your garden already recovered from the typhoon effects. Merry Christmas and may you be further blessed. May i know how much the book cost?

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  10. Helen forgot to mention that amazon in USA and amazon in Canada offer FREE shipping of this book, making it a really good deal (they offer about 40% off the price and free shipping!)
    Just see for yourself Helen's link to amazon at this post.

    Sorry to hear about your cut finger, Helen! Ouch! Hope it will heal soon. Happy Holidays to all!

  11. Blogger islandgal246 said...

    Hello all,

    thank you for your sweet comments,The cost of the book on Amazon is around $25.00 US. I have stupidly injured my right index finger rather seriously and I will tell you all in a later post. Wishing you all a very Peaceful and happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2011.


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