Thursday, December 9, 2010

Northern exposure

The tree lined streets gave a me sense of serenity  as I strolled.
  The view from my cousin's kitchen window made doing the dishes a treat!
 The colour of tree leaves was truly an amazing sight to behold this time of year.
 White camellias I spotted in someone's garden and couldn't resist shooting.
 Bright red berries just lit up the surroundings. I don't know the name but perhaps someone can help me.
Roses bloomed effortlessly

Lauren (right) with some of the cousins, Arlene,Judy and Mia left

I have been away the last two and a half  weeks visiting Florida and South Carolina. My daughter Lauren and I spent Thanksgiving with cousins in South Carolina. We drove up from South Florida on Tuesday Nov 23 with a layover in Jacksonville and arrived in SC on November 24th. We had a grand time catching up with everyone and meeting new friends. The weather was chilly but that was a welcome change from the island's heat we have been experiencing. With camera in hand I was out and about snapping shots of flowers and trees not minding the cool weather at all.  Stay tuned there is more to come.
To be continued............


  1. The view from the Kitchen Window is amazing, I could stand there the whole day gazing at the Trees.

  2. Oh you got me there, Helen. For a minute I was wondering what kind of trees turn colour in Barbados! :D
    Lovely photos. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

  3. Dear Helen,
    Beautiful days, beautiful shots, and beautiful women. So good to know you are home safely after your northern visit.

    It was SO good to visit with you on this trip. Hope all is well in your garden after being gone. Hugs to you and Lauren.

  4. It's wicked cold and snowy here, so I really appreciate this cheerful post. I don't know which was more warming - the wealth of colorful blooms or the bounty of sunny smiles... :-D

  5. Hi Helen; sounds like you had a great time -- and what a contrast from your normal surroundings...
    I think the orange-coloured berries are Pyracantha, commonly known as Barberries or Firethorns. We have lots of them where I live.


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