Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

 Miss Rose
garlic vine
 frangipani (plumeria)
Today we celebrate Mother's day.  I have to thank my mother Miss Rose for her gift of gardening. To my Mom I thank you for your gifts you have given me, the love for plants and gardens, the love of nurturing, the love of  cooking (for company only), the love of conversation and the love for life (joi de vivre).  Yes there were tumultuous years when we hardly spoke to each other and luckily we have reconnected and are able to enjoy each others company.  The more we grow the more we realize how alike we are. We are at our  happiest when amongst trees and plants. To this day a new plant or flower  will still excite us.  
Mothering is a lot like gardening, it makes us proud of the results after putting in all that hard work. 
  Wishing all mothers around the globe a Happy Mother's day!

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  1. Helen, what a beautiful Mother's Day post!! Nice reading about all the 'gifts' you received from a wonderful lady!!

    Beautiful blooms as usual!


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