Friday, May 6, 2011

Drying out and Happy moments

 We had another week of rain and my garden is drying out again. I have become rain weary and today is the first day without any rain.

 Some areas are very muddy and when I walk on the grass I get that squelchy sound underfoot.  
The beautiful colours of my maidenhair fern in my shade house this was given to me by my mother.

I have been busy trying to keep these seedling alive with the heavy rains we've been having. This is day ten and they are doing well. Many are from seed that I had stored in my refrigerator for the past five years. Some are cooler climate annuals like california poppy, linaria, godetia, nigella and delphihinium but I am giving them a try  to see how they adapt to our climate.  In the mix are some warm weather plants  like cosmos, asters, salvias, morning glory, zinnias marigold and  phlox.  I am also trying some tall snap dragons and lobellia.  I am pleasantly surprised that so many seeds actually sprouted after such a long shelf life in the fridge.
 Heliconia rostrata growing in pots
Miniature anthuriums growing in a tree stump
I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Wedding last Friday, it was nice being a Royal watcher for the day. They seem so in love with each other and it was heart warming to see the wedding.  I wish this couple a happy life.


  1. Hello Helen, i also replied to you via my site, but am here now. Looks like your palms are now accustomed to waterlogging, huh! And we are at the height of the dry season, am afraid some of our other fruit trees in the province will follow the fate of others last year. "Dear God, please direct some of the rains from Barbados to this side of the world, or our vegetation and useful plants might suffer complete loss. Thank you God, and it might also help the gardens in Barbados". Now it is well heared.

    But i love those maidenhair ferns, ours dont change color when young, they are already green from the start.

  2. Gorgeous signs of life! May you continue to dry off!


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