Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blooming trees and fruits in season

Nestling among the greenery one can see a flash of pink . It is the Pride of India Lagerstromia Speciosa  now coming into bloom. This is the second time it has bloomed since I planted it  several years ago.
 A closer look at it. This is a Crape myrtle  tree and it is also called Queen's flowers.

 My pink cassia has been in bloom since last month .
 The Royal Poinciana, delonix regia or Flamboyant,  is now peeping out here and there.
 Mangoes are still young and will be ready in another 4-6 weeks.
 Avocados, known as Zaboca and pear in some of the islands will be ready hopefully around August. I just love this fruit! Do you know it makes a great ice cream?


  1. Helen, this is amazing! I have exactly the same trees in bloom / fruit too (well, except the avocado) at the other end of the planet. This is so fun!

  2. Your garden is looking wonderful, Helen. Mangoes have all become ripe in this part of the world! I love avocado too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, to have all these trees in one's property! Love your garden! We don't get avocados here unless they are brought from other regions of the country.

  4. Hello Helen, haven't heard from you for a while. Like Sunita we have the same flowers and fruits here in the Philippines. Our summer has been punctuated with some rains so it is very hot and humid, but at least the plants are happier than last year.

  5. Rohrebot....thank you for stopping by. is amazing how much alike our gardens are. day soon I will visit your garden. I will save some mangoes for you too.

    Lotusleaf....Thank you I will be dropping by your blog soon.

    Kanak....I am surprised that you don't have avocados in your part of the country.

    Andrea ......I have been quiet for a while, I am sooo happy that you have been getting some rain. It is hot and humid here as well.

  6. Me too, Me 2! I have the same trees and fruits in my neighbourhood. The most special to me is the Lagerstromia speciosa. I have one in front of my house. It is starting to bud and bloom now. So nice to hear from you again, Helen.

  7. Gorgeous! I especially love the pink cassia and the avocadoes.


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